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Call Logs MissMegs311 8/1/12 11:20 AM
Hi I have a Google Voice Account linked to my Galaxy S III (ICS) when I make calls it default to using Google Voice..  If I go back to my call log it shows the default Google Voice routing number rather than the contact that I dialed.  I previously had an HTC Sensation that was running ICS and would dispplay the contacts information..  Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Re: Call Logs SnerdlyBosco 8/1/12 11:28 AM
This is a known issue with the GV mobile app on certain phone models. 

Workaround is to use the GV mobile app to check call log (instead of the native phone app). The GV mobile app decodes the access/routing numbers into correct contact info. You can also dial from the app's call log...
Re: Call Logs Papa Bear 8/2/12 6:21 AM
Read BOTH papa bear replies for your Android device at!msg/voice/4ad0s6wQ29A/YoZnzrk28NQJ