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How long should a port OUT take?

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How long should a port OUT take? Mr Happy Pants 4/24/12 5:06 PM
I've been waiting since last Friday to get a number ported OUT from voice to Verizon Wireless.  VZW has already got me setup on their end to make calls, but whenever I call the number from a third line, it goes straight to my GV voicemail box.

I am certain that VZW make the port request, but there doesn't seem to be a number or status update for GV to check.  Any thoughts on getting this done faster or determining if it failed, and why?
Re: How long should a port OUT take? nickcv5 4/24/12 6:17 PM
My port out request (made last Thursday) went through yesterday for calls, but Google Voice still handles texting. I don't think there's a way to make it go faster - just keep waiting.