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Unporting back to Google Voice

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Unporting back to Google Voice KidsSewCool 6/8/12 12:32 PM
I requested (and paid) to have my Google voice number unlocked to port to another provider.  I have changed my mind and decided that the Google Voice options are going to better suit my needs. 
I've cancelled the request with the other provider, but how can I "relocked" my number so it will not be ported away or taken by other person?

Re: Unporting back to Google Voice crushhh 7/8/12 12:23 PM
any luck with this? i have the same issue. 
Re: Unporting back to Google Voice Lelala 7/12/12 4:33 PM
Seriously Google Voice. There is no doc on this issue. My service worked just fine until my T-Mobile phone was disconnected for two days. Now, my google voice account shows active but is in fact not. I don't really care about the number but I'd hate to lose my balance. There has to be some kind of reset or re-start button. 
If someone knows - can you please help us?
Re: Unporting back to Google Voice Red Leatherman 7/12/12 4:58 PM
Relock information at the bottom of the page.