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2013 FEES for Google Voice

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2013 FEES for Google Voice thanksgooglev 3/16/12 8:39 AM
Does anyone know what the fee structure will be starting the end of this year? I see that calls will not be free after October 2012. So before I fully commit to Google Voice it would be great to know what fee structure they may have. Thank you!
Re: 2013 FEES for Google Voice SnerdlyBosco 3/16/12 8:46 AM
For clarification:

The announcement you refer to does not indicate that there will be fees in 2013. It indicates that there will be no fees, at least through 2012. Any announcement of fees -- and there has never been such an announcement in the past -- would likely not be made until the end of 2012. 

The end-of-2012 announcement could also indicate continued fee-free domestic US calling at least through 2013.  
Re: 2013 FEES for Google Voice thanksgooglev 3/16/12 8:50 AM
Thank you! I My concern was that all of a sudden there would be monthly fee, or worse just pay per use which could become quite expensive. But I am a fan, so I will wait and see.
Re: 2013 FEES for Google Voice Sattvic 4/30/12 11:37 AM
@ thanksgooglev
I am sure it wouldn't be more than 1¢ - because already the calls originated from outside US are charge at 1 cents per minute, charges for calls to many countries are at the rate of 2cents per minute. So it has to be 1cent or less / (OR FREE!!)