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add phone with extension

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add phone with extension mydiskdriveonline 6/20/09 11:20 AM
how do you add a phone to forward to with an extension number? ie.googlevoice number forwards to 123-1234 ext 123

i am trying to add my work phone that has an extension to settings >>> phones >>> add another phone
Re: add phone with extension SnerdlyBosco 6/20/09 11:49 AM
At present, Google Voice does not support dialing extensions on forwarded calls or on placed calls

If this is a feature you'd like to see in the future, please suggest it via the feedback link on the GV website.
Re: add phone with extension ZR003 12/20/10 3:29 AM
Extension Dialing via Google Voice Solved!
You will need to dial a string on numbers which will be your typical dialing sequence. This will be a long strong so save it in the relevant contact. The concept is that you need to access your Google Voice Account and then DIAL OUT from "within" Google Voice, then you end the calling number, then the phone system enabler and then phone system code request. I tested it and it works. Here are the steps:
Step 1. Enter GVN: {ggg.ggg.gggg} (Google Voice Number)
Step 2. ADD 2-second pause twice: { ,, }
Step 3. ADD GVN PIN {xxxx} (GVN Personal/Private ID Number)
Step 4. ADD 2-second pause twice: { ,, }
Step 5. Enter GV "dial out option code:  {2} (very important to enter the number "2" or it will not work)
Step 4. ADD 2-second pause twice: { ,, }
Step 6. Enter Telephone Number to Call + add the # key {} (the destination phone number)
Step 7. ADD 2-second pause: { , }
Step 8. Enter your Extension enabler, i.e * or # or Access code (depending on system you are accessing)
Step 9. ADD 2-second pause: { , }
Step 10. Enter your Phone System Code(s) to: Execute System Req (Done).

The string would read something like this....
GVN,,GVN PIN,,2,,Destination Phone+#,Access Code,,System Exectution Req

I hope this help until GoogleVoice enables direct Extension Dialing. Ciao
~ Z