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text scammers using my google voice number

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text scammers using my google voice number samis783$% 5/18/12 4:44 PM
Today I received a bunch of calls to my google voice number saying I sent them a text message about their Sun Trust account. I have never given out my GV number to anyone and don't even know how to text from it. I called one of the numbers back from a seperate land line that wasn't my own and got a person to willing to give up their information.

I want to change my number but don't want to be charged because my number has been compromised.
Re: text scammers using my google voice number NoGoodDeed 5/19/12 9:54 AM
@ samis783$%,

...change my number...don't want to be charged...been compromised. This is unlikely to happen.
  • I don't think you have been compromised. I could be wrong.
    • It is more likely that someone has spoofed your Google Voice (GV) number.
    • If your number has been spoofed, GV can not do anything about that.
  • If you have been compromised, the breech was on your end and not GV.
    • I assume this because I believe a breech at GV would show up in my GV "alert".
    • Granted the alert is with Google, so they could be covering it up. :-)