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Google Voice and SIP Calling

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Google Voice and SIP Calling BrandonQDixon 8/1/12 8:29 AM
I've been experimenting with different ways of using Google Voice on android tablets.  I've used GrooveIP and Talkatone in the past.  They've been able to receive and make calls, but the quality and lag was very bad.  I am now using with my Google Account.  I can make outgoing calls fine, and the quality is a lot better with much less delay.  However, I can't make incoming calls.  I haven't been able to receive incoming calls at all through GMail on the web browser on my computer the entire time (even before I started the SIP thing).  I'm currently using CSipSimple on my Android Tablet.  On my phone, I'm using it's built in SIP settings.  The transport type is TCP rather than UDP (although I've tried both).  I'm currently using PBXes, although I've tried Simon Telephonics (I've deleted that account) and have had the same problem?

Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)?Y

Does anyone know what the problem is?  Again, outgoing calls are fine, it's just that incoming calls aren't received at all on either device.

Thanks to those who help.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling Red Leatherman 8/1/12 8:57 AM
From what I see your using chat as the backbone with pbxes, talkatone, grooveip, simon telephonics, obi  and using your browser on the PC.

Logging into chat twice apparently creates a problem with incoming calls.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling BrandonQDixon 8/1/12 9:06 AM
I've uninstalled talkatone, grooveip, simon telephonics, and am not sure about what obi is.  That leaves pbxes on multiple devices and the browser on the pc.  I'll try to test it with only one decive on.  Thanks.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling Red Leatherman 8/1/12 9:25 AM
Pbxes will keep you logged in. Disable or delete the Gchat trunk on pbxes account if you want it to log out too.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling BrandonQDixon 8/1/12 10:53 AM
I want to stay with pbxes.  Also, something I forgot to say: when I had GrooveIP on two devices at the same time, calls went to both of them.  Just now, I turned off everything except the cellphone, but the call still didn't go to the cellphone.  Because this problem happened with multiple SIP providers (and because GMail never picks up the calls), I feel like this may be a problem on my Google Voice settings or a problem with Google Voice itself.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling Red Leatherman 8/1/12 1:09 PM
When you say the call didn't go to the cell phone, are you referring to the cell phone number or the sip client?
Pbxes logs you in on their server and turning it off at your cell phone doesn't log you out and running it on several devices should work fine as well since your only logged in once at the server. If your not getting your calls through pbxes to your csipsimple check everything again. Your following a tutorial somewhere so go slowly and check everything. It works for a lot of people.
You do have Chat selected as one of the forwarding phones on your GV account? some of the applications allow changes to your GV settings from their gui.
If you disable the Gchat trunk on pbxes can you receive calls on your call phone through your browser?
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling BrandonQDixon 8/1/12 1:19 PM
I was referring to the sip client.  I haven't been able to receive calls through the browser for a long time (since before I started doing any of this).  I've also double-checked that I've done everything according to the different tutorials I've tried.  I've decided to go back to using Talkatone for now.  I will try this again at some point in the future when I have more time.

Thanks for the help, nonetheless.
Re: Google Voice and SIP Calling Papa Bear 8/4/12 9:48 PM
Learn more about SIP at!msg/voice/ rT9gr57dC9Q/bOKegl1v9VwJ.