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Porting from Sprint SportsEd 7/1/12 8:03 AM
I requested a number from Sprint be ported to Google Voice on Friday. It says it may take 24 hours to port. That's the only status update I've gotten, and it's now Sunday, more than 36 hours since the port request. I've got another cell number I want calls to forward to, but can't set that up until I have my Google phone number in place, which is the number I'm porting. What's up with that? How long does the actual porting of the number take? I'm not talking texts, I'm talking voice.
Re: Porting from Sprint Papa Bear 7/1/12 10:03 AM
Wait to Tuesday and repost here
Re: Porting from Sprint SportsEd 7/2/12 7:15 PM
Well, it's not Tuesday but it will be in a couple of hours and it still says the porting is in progress. From other posts I've read, this seems to be a common Google problem. Not one of Google's finest moments.
Re: Porting from Sprint SportsEd 7/3/12 8:13 AM
It's now Tuesday. I submitted the port request from Sprint to GV on Friday. By the time this porting is complete, I would have been able to port to a different phone without a new contract, which is why I was going to use GV to begin with. I'm ready to give up and request a refund because the entire point of the port may be moot before it actually gets completed. I thought much higher of Google prior to this episode. No communication, no explanation, nothing. And not even a good way to contact them to find out what the hell is going on.
Re: Porting from Sprint SportsEd 7/5/12 7:34 PM
OK, so it finally gives me an error about an incorrect PIN, which I'm sure was correct. So it asked for the PIN again and the last four of the SS, which  I provided. I'm past 24 hours on that one now and still waiting. Perhaps this simply isn't worth it.
Re: Porting from Sprint dickie6 7/7/12 10:30 PM
I want to port my Sprint number too but they told me it would void my contract and I would be responsible for the early termination fee ?
Have you heard this ? 
Re: Porting from Sprint Papa Bear 7/12/12 5:44 PM