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Block Anonymous callers

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Block Anonymous callers ThoughtEqualizer 7/12/12 9:29 AM
I am trying to find out how to block anonymous callers (no caller ID) within Google Voice.
I already know that you can set no phones to ring in the Anonymous Callers Group, but that will allow an anonymous caller to still leave a voice mail.  Don't want that either.
I'm looking for a way to block all anonymous callers in a manner similar to how individual numbers can be blocked here: Blocking unwanted calls, where the caller receives a recording that the number is not in service.
I am also trying to find a way to block other entire groups I've set up, without having to tediously set the block setting for each number in a group.
Re: Block Anonymous callers HankInTx 7/16/12 1:40 PM
Me three! :) and a bit more .... I get many calls that apparently only send the CID info of "Unknown" or "Toll Free Call" and often lack any phone number info at all. Although I _really_ appreciate that Google Voice can now determine such calls as "Anonymous" and send such calls to voice mail without ringing any phone, I would rather totally block such calls. In fact, if somebody died and made me king, I would enable Google Voice to scan an entire CID string and search out, in addition to a specific phone number, specific "text substrings" to use as a criteria to block a call. Then, for example, any CID that came in with, "Unknown" or "Toll Free Call" or "Political" would be sufficient criteria to block the call regardless of whether a phone number was present or not. Such a feature, alone, could globally halt a very large percentage of phone spam that almost everyone is hassled by to some extent. Oh yeah, it would also be neat to be able to pull up a list of numbers or strings that have been blocked, but I digress. Thanks, Google, for your initiatives to improve on this great service.
Re: Block Anonymous callers magena777 7/21/12 6:16 AM
I am sick of getting  "Unknown"  callers that cannot be identified.  For days i have been getting unknown callers all day long. It is to me harassment that they can purposely hide their calls and call people all day long!!!   I would like to see  "unknown" callers BLOCKED and not just put into a spam folder!!!
Re: Block Anonymous callers StephenWayne3000 7/31/12 6:50 PM
I get about 10 "Unknown" calls a day.  As far as I know, there is no way to block them in Google Voice.  I've tried a few work-arounds with no luck.  What up with that!?  Super annoying. 
Re: Block Anonymous callers jonat2 8/1/12 1:19 PM
I get an "Unknown" call about once a day, and when I pick up, nobody is there.  My GV call history just shows it as Unknown but when I select the option to "Block this caller" it asks if I want to block Unknown.e7d6afc47efc427a9790811a64fc049c922f97b5.  Each of the unknown callers has the same value here. Very frustrating.I will look into changing the setting for the Anonymous group.
Re: Block Anonymous callers SMS48 8/6/12 1:03 PM
Here's an idea for consideration and feedback. Would it help to record and use a greeting that is the same as the blocked number recording, a greeting with the blocked tone and verbal message. It is my understanding that some of the robocall machines drop a call as soon as they hear the blocked tone and move on to the next number. And, I believe that most human callers would hang up before listening to the entire verbal message. In either case, the caller would not stay on the line long enough to realize a transfer to voice mail.
Re: Block Anonymous callers John of Lower Merion 8/6/12 8:03 PM

...Would it help to record and use a greeting that is the same as the blocked number recording, a greeting with the blocked tone and verbal message...

What you suggest is exactly what Lifehacker recommends to keep robocallers at bay:

Lifehacker: trick automated phone bots into never calling you again
Re: Block Anonymous callers SMS48 8/6/12 11:58 PM
@John of Lower Merion: Thanks for the feedback.

For anybody else that's interested, the article linked to by John includes a link to download a recording of the tone.
Re: Block Anonymous callers jade21 9/21/12 6:26 AM
You have to first report the calls as spams and enable Global spam Filtering in which the callers will automatically be sent to voicemail.