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MMS to Google Voice

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MMS to Google Voice Cilla88 4/11/12 6:20 AM
I use to receive picture messages sent to my google number in my gmail. Now I'm not getting any. What happened? I'm using the BB app.
Re: MMS to Google Voice dcarr66 4/16/12 8:49 AM
I'm having the same problem, anyone else?
(unknown) 4/16/12 2:37 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: MMS to Google Voice Red Leatherman 4/16/12 2:42 PM
Here is a link to a Sprint FAQ page, maybe a good place to start when experiencing issues between Sprint and Google Voice.
Re: MMS to Google Voice dcarr66 4/19/12 5:52 AM
I'm on AT&T. Until recently any MMS messages were forwarded to the e-mail account linked to GV. Now they just silently fail - very annoying...
Re: MMS to Google Voice OriginalCyn 4/19/12 2:12 PM
I've never received mms to my gmail when they are sent to g voice. I'm using metro but have used sprint with google voice in the past and never have i even been notified when someone said theyd been trying to send me an mms. didn't know we could receive them at all 
Re: MMS to Google Voice Frank Pilone 4/21/12 9:04 AM
As with all new things with Google, MMS support is in Beta. I have received an MMS message sent to my email address, but since I don't receive many MMS messages, I don't know if it is still working. The fact you're using RIM shouldn't matter since the MMS theoretically will go to GV then to your email rather than GV then to the app. I will expect another 12 - 18 months before one could count on their GV number for MMS. 
Re: MMS to Google Voice Hi_Im_Bianca 4/21/12 11:56 AM
LOL I just posted a question on this, Now Im seeing your post. I guess its not working anymore sigh. if google could figure this out it would be awesome. MMS never really worked except one time.
Re: MMS to Google Voice stuart.allison.oh 4/22/12 4:55 PM
Even the promised Sprint to Sprint MMS option does not appear to work.
Re: MMS to Google Voice stuart.allison.oh 4/22/12 5:11 PM
However, this work around does work....

On the Google Voice site, if you go to the Settings (click on your phone number, or the little wheels on the top right and then "Voice Settings"), then on the "Phones" tab (should be the tab that first shows up), you will be able to disable texts from being sent to your Sprint mobile phone.  This should only disable normal SMS, but allow MMS to go through like normal.  Since you are using your Sprint number as your Google Voice number, and you are using the GV app, you will still receive your SMS texts through the app (and get notifications for them), and then you can turn on notifications in your native texting client, as it should now only receive MMS messages.  Good luck, and please let us all know if this helps. 
Re: MMS to Google Voice dcarr66 4/29/12 3:17 PM
True enough, but it would be nice if the sender got a bounce message indicating that the message was not transmitted. Instead I get asked days later if I got a picture that was sent.