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3D Warehouse filesize restrictions

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3D Warehouse filesize restrictions Darthvender 5/9/12 4:37 PM
SketchUp Version: 8.0.11752

Hey there.
I was an active modeller and uploader to the warehouse around 2 years ago.
Over the 2 years since I stopped uploading, I have been working on a single project, pictured in the attachment (as rendered through Kerkythea via the SU2KT plugin). I have spent 2 years putting as much detail and care as I could into this single model, but upon finally completing it yesterday, I learned that the warehouse has a 10mb filesize limit.
Now, I realize that my model is, at time of completion, well over 50mb just from the sheer amount of detail, but I was wondering if there is any way at all I could somehow upload this to the warehouse.
This has been my pet project for a great deal of time and I planned from day one on sharing it with this community, and would still love to do so.

Thank you for your help,
Hans "Darthvender" Gregersen
Re: 3D Warehouse filesize restrictions catamountain 5/9/12 8:59 PM
No.  But now with the change of ownership, maybe the new owners could add a paid subscription service for people who want to upload larger files....

Why don't you upload your large model to Google Drive, setting the sharing permissions so anyone could download.  Upload a smaller, teaser model to the warehouse (like a puzzle piece) - so warehouse users can find your model - and add a link to your complete model stored on Drive.

Your whole project could be a play on xreffing.  Create a master model with a bunch of simple place-keeper components.  As long as the component axes of the place keepers and the real components are the same, it's a simple matter of r-clicking on the place keeper and Reload.

Purge you model of unused crap and optimize texture size.  Doing something like saving the texture file for web should help reduce your file size.
Re: 3D Warehouse filesize restrictions logan . 7/15/12 9:12 PM
there is one way, though a site called mediafire. but i don't know if it still works due to the ownership change. but it's a possibility