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Component Grouping - Parent/Child Relationship

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Component Grouping - Parent/Child Relationship Lon71 4/13/12 8:55 AM

I would like to see sub grouping of components.  If you make a component then add that component to a larger component you see both the parent and the child components.  I would like to be able to see just the parent with the possibility to expand to see the child components.  I would like to see it similar to the Outliner but with the visual currently used in components.  My components list tends to get rather long.

Re: Component Grouping - Parent/Child Relationship Gaieus 4/14/12 12:50 AM
This can be done, although in a bit convoluted way.

There are two kinds of components in SU: external components (that you import or get from the warehouse...) and internal components (that you create in the model "on the fly". From the component browser behaviour point of view... External components can be "collapsed" (i.e. when you uncheck "Expand" in that side fly-out menu, only the parent components show up) while internal components cannot.

So in your case, the solution would be to turn these internal components into external components. This can be done by exporting your top level (parent) component first: right click > save as... then immediately after this, re-importing: right click > reload. Once you close the component browser and reopen (or save the model, exit SU and next time you open it), the child components will "disappear" from the component browser when expand is unchecked.

There is an advantage of this technique, too: you can always edit those exported components by simply opening them as a separate models. With a very complex master model, this allows you to work more efficiently. Another advantage is that by reloading the component, your component thumbnail changes, too, so if you make sure to save the component file (if you open it) with a particular view in the window, you can get that thumbnail in the component browser. Also, when opening the file separately, you can "claim credit" - which then be shown in the component browser, too (if you like/need this function at all of course).

Disadvantage is that you need to do all this save as / reload game but if you start this modelling way from the beginning, it1s not a big issue.

A completely irrelevant (to this topic) but important note about external components: they do not scale with the model when you scale the model with the Tape measure tool. This is just to remember.