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Orbiting visibility problem

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Orbiting visibility problem justfurry 2/15/10 1:44 AM

SketchUp version:7
Operating system:winows 7
when orbiting around my 3d model, even with just a simpe basic shape, parts of the modle dissaper as if i cant see closer than a certain distance.its like a barior between me and the modle
Re: Orbiting visibility problem Gaieus 2/15/10 3:52 AM
Well, from your description, I am not exactly certain but it may be clipping - see reference below.
Re: Orbiting visibility problem arh.kohico 6/8/10 4:12 PM
the sketchUp help was not useful for my problem. (same as "justfurry" 's one). I tryed everything that was suggested there  
and finally i came up with this: i grouped my model and i copy-pasted it into a new/blank sketchup page. works just fine now. (exploded back as it was). cheers!
Re: Orbiting visibility problem creature 4/29/12 1:30 PM
This worked for me. I had a complex architecture when the orbit tool began "clipping" large portions of the model on zoom. As stated above, Ctrl-A Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V to new model and save.