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Collada Pompidou viewer

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Collada Pompidou viewer 5/24/12 6:25 AM
I just noticed this awesome collada online viewer at it seams to work in chrome only but anyway ... I noticed it's using some viewer embedded with

any idea if this can be used somehow to load my own .dea models? 

Re: Collada Pompidou viewer Aerilius 5/24/12 9:57 AM
The viewer loads the file nomeclatura_torrecildosimplificada12.dae in the folder Pompidou. Since this folder is on the appspot server, you can't place your files there. You would either have to install Pompidou on your own server (aside from any proprietary rights/legal issues),  or just wait a little bit, because Jody said
the web viewer we just announced (somewhat secretly)