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Fonts in Layout

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Fonts in Layout anchan 6/12/12 12:33 AM
I am using Layout with Windows 7, but Layout only shows about 1/3 of the fonts that are listed in my Fonts control panel, even those that aren't greyed-out by the "language filter".  I tried turning it off, but still couldn't access all the fonts.  I can access all of my fonts with Illustrator and with Word.  Why would Layout limit my font choices?
Re: Fonts in Layout anchan 6/12/12 12:42 AM
...And the fonts I want are indeed "True Type"; still don't show up.
Re: Fonts in Layout SnowTiger (Chris Mowat) 6/12/12 12:36 PM
Hello anchan

First of all, which version of Layout are you using ?  Might be helpful to know.

I have no idea why you have so few Fonts available.
I'm looking in Layout 3 right now (which I have zero experience using so far), but I certainly see MANY fonts available.
It looks like there might be fewer available fonts in Layout 2 but I'm not positive about that.

The only suggestion I can make (due to my limited experience using Layout) is to consider experimenting using your current Text Editor (i.e. MS Word).
You could try typing whatever text you need in Word (or whatever) using the Font that you like and then Copy/Paste it into Layout.

I have no idea if this will work or not, let alone whether Layout will recognize the font ... but it might be worth a try if time is a factor.
Re: Fonts in Layout anchan 6/12/12 4:54 PM
Thanks Chris;  Using just-downloaded Layout 3.  I did try copy/paste, but no luck.  Layout automatically converts the font to Arial.  Weird thing is, Sketchup has all the fonts.  Time for an email to the Support Center!