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import from ACAD?

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import from ACAD? redmichigan 5/4/12 8:53 AM
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Why can I no longer import drawings inot Sketchup Pro? 
Re: import from ACAD? Anselmus 5/4/12 1:55 PM
Basically you have either a problem with the DWG file you are trying to import, or, if DWG import is greyed out or the format does not appear in the File menu>Import dialog box, with your license.

If a file doesn't import or it causes a crash:
- it might be in a format incompatible with your version of SketchUp (version 7 can only import ACAD 2007 files or an older format, version 2010 and newer are using a newer format)
- it might contain objects that cannot be imported into SU (like Autocad Architecture walls and other building components or 3D surface or solid objects based on spline geometry