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Molecule download

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Molecule download gundi 5/21/12 2:52 PM
Sketch up Version: 8
Need to get imported into sketchup from .asn, .asnt, .sdf, .xml
Re: Molecule download catamountain 5/21/12 10:01 PM
There is a MoleculeImporter, but your required formats are not listed.

At least one exporter does do XML.
Re: Molecule download gundi 5/27/12 4:05 PM
is there any program that will open those formats into 3d to import into solid works?
Re: Molecule download Aerilius 5/28/12 12:21 AM
Those are no file formats, but data structure formats (on which some file formats are based). They are useless without any info / specification how to interprete the data that they contain.

Do you know what program created them or from where you obtained them?
They are text files that you can also open in a plain text editor (not as 3d). It's likely that they contain a header that indicates what format they represent. At least valid XML requires a doctype in the first line: <!DOCTYPE ...>
Re: Molecule download gundi 5/28/12 2:00 PM
I dont know what program created them but this is a link:

Re: Molecule download gundi 5/28/12 2:01 PM
a link to where i got them
Re: Molecule download Aerilius 5/28/12 3:15 PM
It seems you can only use these files with the Pubchem Pc3D Viewer which can neither import nor export any other formats. There is some limited documentation, so if someone wanted to make a converter that would also be a possibility.

But since molecule models are just the sum of their atoms, constitution and conformation, why not just redraw the molecule in a program that exports common file formats and where a workflow already exists? That's probably the fastest solution.

Re: Molecule download gundi 5/28/12 6:14 PM
I am a new user to Google Sketchup, and 3d modeling, and I dont know how to do that. Do you know if any of those files can be imported into the program solidworks?
Re: Molecule download Aerilius 5/29/12 12:23 AM
This is not a question about SketchUp but about choosing the right workflow to deal with data and file format support.

First, it's generally unlikely that any 3d modeling tool itself has an importer for specialized chemical file formats. In addition to that, as I wrote, it seems that these files can only be used with Pubchem. They are proprietary. I can't even import them in any other chemistry program. They have no value outside Pubchem. An importer for any other program would need to be written first.

Since you are maybe not interested in exactly these files, but the molecule models that these files represent, why not draw the molecule again? (of course in a chemistry program and not in SketchUp!)
As catamountain suggested, there exists a workflow from any chemistry program that can produce MDL Molfiles (*.mol, for example Chemdraw or ChemSketch) to SketchUp. Then you have to find a workflow from SketchUp to Solidworks by comparing what file formats SketchUp can export and what Solidworks can import.
Re: Molecule download gundi 5/29/12 6:25 PM
Thanks for your help!