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Pan tool short cut

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Pan tool short cut Ginger29 5/4/12 8:09 AM
SketchUp Version: 8

Was wondering if it's possible to make SketchUp's pan tool function like the hand tool in photoshop/illustrator in regards to the idea that the tool is selected when the space button is pressed, but releases when the space button is let up? I've currently already switched the short key.  Just wondering if its possible for the extra functioning 


Re: Pan tool short cut Gaieus 5/4/12 8:37 AM

Unlike in PS, in SU you navigate in 3D space, too (which involves more navigational tools of course). The middle mouse button (the wheel when you press it) already functions as the Orbit tool. Now if you also hold down the Shift key with it, you get the Pan tool. I guess it would be not hard to get used to another key since the way it works seems to be similar to what you described.

Selection is a very important tool here and that is mapped to the space bar.
Re: Pan tool short cut Ginger29 5/4/12 9:08 AM
Excellent - the shift while using the orbit tool = pan is exactly the type of quick, temporary switching i was looking for.  I'm just looking to add more continuity throughout my workflow so i've already modified the necessary short keys (such as select) so i can have a more fluid, efficient workflow. 

Thanks for the input and help!
Re: Pan tool short cut EPAIII 5/5/12 9:55 AM
I was not completely happy with the button choices for pan and orbit and posted a question about it some time ago.  One of the things I learned was that if you press the left mouse button at the same time as the center one you get the pan function.  This is not a completely easy thing to do but I have been trying to train my index finger to do so: I press the center button (wheel) with the right side of my finger and then rock that finger to the left to press the left button at the same time.  It seems to work for me. 
Re: Pan tool short cut Anselmus 5/6/12 1:14 AM
Instead of by pressing the two mouse buttons simultaneously, I use my left hand to press Shift in the keyboard together with the middle mouse button to access Pan. Altogether learning and assigning the shortcut keys adds a lot to your SketchUp productivity.