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Cannot find full "Styles" toolbar

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Cannot find full "Styles" toolbar marquette1959 3/16/11 6:54 PM
SketchUp version:8
Operating system:XP
Explain your issue in full detail here:I am a new Sketchup Pro user. Yesterday I was able to open an use a full "Styles" toolbar with tons of sketchy styles and color combinations to chose from. Today when I open the "Styles" toolbar I only get a set of seven pre-defined style buttons that I can select from, but not the rich full editable funtionality of yesterday. What am I missing here?
Re: Cannot find full "Styles" toolbar Gaieus 3/20/11 5:10 AM
Is this a StyleBuilder question or a SketchUp question? (They are two, different apps)

If it is SU, there is a pulldown menu to display all the styles folder if that's what you mean. Or what if you go to the "In model" section > edit tab in your styles dialog?