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Generate Report s.f.p 6/9/12 8:04 AM
Just download SK8pro v 8.0.14346 - Generate Report feature is missing in the file menu. 
Has it moved or has it been removed?
Please, please, please, tell me it has not been removed !!!!!!

Re: Generate Report It'sMe! 6/9/12 8:33 AM
Is the Dynamic Components extension enable in the Preferences/Extensions dialog?
Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/9/12 9:41 AM
Yes it is. Please see enclosed image
Re: Generate Report catamountain 6/9/12 11:28 AM
Have you double-checked that SU Pro was installed?  It is 52.3 MB.  Generate Report is a Pro only feature.  

If it's still missing, try a repair installation.  Go through the steps to uninstall the program through Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.  The PC installer has a repair option in addition to the uninstall option.  
Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/9/12 5:11 PM
All of the above was correct.

Resolved the issue by completely uninstalling and re-installing, filling in the licence info etc.

Thanks for all your help.
Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/9/12 5:35 PM
Actually, I need to correct myself.

Although the re-install brought back the "Generate Report" menu item, it does not open the "Generate Report" window, but opens a page to Google gmail accounts!
Enclose is the picture that shows the window status as described.

Please let me assure you that I have a legal version of SK 8 pro.
I really need to get back to actual work on SK and would appreciated any solution that will resolve this issue.

Really regret upgrading !?!

Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/9/12 5:44 PM
p.s. the downloaded update file size was 53.649kb
Re: Generate Report catamountain 6/9/12 6:03 PM
I get the correct Generate Report panel.  Try uninstalling then reinstalling a fresh copy.

Several things were fix with this last maintainence update - noteably no more grayed-out context menu for people with lots of plugins.  I'm sorry you're having such problems, but after this issue is overcome, your SU life should smooth out.

Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/10/12 2:18 PM
Tried your suggestion. by repair... did not work.

Then downloaded a "completely new" SK from the SK pro download page, and it also did not work.

So still can not generate a report. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or am I the only one?



Re: Generate Report catamountain 6/10/12 6:35 PM
As a Pro user you do have technical support.  Go to Help > Contact Us.

You can report that you tried a repair installation and clean install.  Add a link to this thread so support will have a good idea of your troubleshooting steps.
Re: Generate Report gwestep 6/13/12 8:36 AM
I'm having the same exact problem.  I submitted a support request.

Win7 Pro/64
Sketchup 8.0.14346

My Generate Report window/dialog also comes up with a google login page in it that doesn't respond when I enter my password.  It just sets there after pressing the "Sign In" button.

I did the following trying to fix this.

Exited and restarted Sketchup - didn't fix it
Rebooted computer started Sketchup - didn't fix it
Exited Sketchup, removed all plugins from plugin directory then restarted Sketchup - didn't fix it
Uninstalled Sketchup, 
Removed the folder it gets installed in (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8), 
Downloaded and installed the latest Pro version which is the same version I had
Confirmed via Help-About that it is same version, 
Didn't install any plugins in the new installation
File-Generate Report gets me the same google login in page in the Generate Report window (see attached picture)
Re: Generate Report s.f.p 6/16/12 6:53 AM
Hi, I got the following response from SK help center:

"... At this time, the Generate Report feature does require that you sign in with a Google Account (i.e your Gmail account). You should only have to do this once until you clear your Cookies in Internet Explorer...."

My response was:

"... I should note that I use Google Chrome portable on a USB drive.

However, I went to all instances of chrome and internet explorer on my computer and deleted cookies. 
Re-installed sk 8 pro, latest version, and now it is working.

Should note, for possible SK consideration that, internet accessibly is limited in Portugal either due to economy or internet traffic or area reception issues. I see this particularly when I want to add a component, (from my own library), SK slows down and now also with "generate report" being dependent on internet connections, this is going to seriously affect my use of SK.

Being connected is great but not always possible, Pity ! ..."

Hope this helps someone ;-) 
Re: Generate Report Gaieus 6/18/12 4:06 AM
No matter what you use for internet browsing, SU uses IE for its internal webdialogs. In your example, the suggestion was to sign in once so SU can set the necessary cookies in IE but from then on, you (probably) do not need an online connection for IE to work inside SU (I have used SU many times with no internet connection at all).
Re: Generate Report MrGerber 8/2/12 6:57 AM
I had the same issue - followed steps above but still didn't work.  For me to get the sign in to work I went to Photo Textures where I had to log on as well.  This login worked and after I was able to log in my report generator worked.  
Re: Generate Report Tommy 8/3/12 10:47 AM
Hi All, 

Sometimes it helps to reset your Google Account status with SketchUp and IE as well:
  1. Open SketchUp. 
  2. Click the G icon in the lower left-hand corner. 
  3. If you're signed into your Google account, Sign Out of your account.
  4. Close SketchUp.
  5. Open Internet Explorer (it has to be IE even if  your default browser is something else, like Firefox or Chrome).
  6. Go to
  7. If your email address appears in the upper right-hand corner, click on it and select Sign Out.
  8. With IE still open, navigate to
  9. Click the Sign In link in the upper right-hand corner and log into your Google Account.
  10. After signing in, close IE and open SketchUp.
  11. Click the G icon in the lower left-hand corner and sign in to your Google Account. 
Re: Generate Report 2m 3/2/13 1:09 PM
Tommy's suggestion ... worked great here

I was having same issue with trying to generate a report and arriving at a Google Sign In Screen that, when filled out, did nothing ...  
I'm using SketchUp Pro 8.0.16846, Win7 SP1
  1. Just to be sure I cleared browser history IE and Chrome
  2. opened sketchup
  3. in bottom left corner of screen there is a G icon
  4. pressed G ... signed in ... it took me to 3D warehouse for another sign in which I did
  5. after that .. I was able to select dynamic components, generate report and export it as .csv
note:  even though I was signed into Google Account thru mail or youtube ... this didn't work till I followed steps above ...
Re: Generate Report crackersandmilk 5/15/13 4:08 AM
Thanks for this it worked for me too.  Although very annoying to lose my entire browsing history I cleared everything on IE and everything except saved passwords in Chrome and it worked.