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SketchUp 8 just stopped working.

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SketchUp 8 just stopped working. iskinner 5/25/12 7:50 AM
SketchUp Version: 8
Windows: XP

I downloaded and installed the latest version of SketchUp about two weeks ago.  It worked great and I created several models with it.  It worked fine all day Wednesday (May 23, 2012).  Then Thursday (May 24, 2012) I went to open it and it completely fails.  After the initial splash screen it immediately crashes.  No new hardware or software of which I am aware.  I rebooted the machine several times and uninstalled and reinstalled SketchUp to no noticeable effect. 

Any suggestions on what could have started this?

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. Anselmus 5/25/12 9:53 AM
If SketchUp crashed on the second time you opened it and worked OK the first time, the reason might be insufficient OpenGL support from your graphics card. You might try updating the graphics card driver software. Another could be a malfunctioning plugin, if you have installed some in the meantime.

Just suggestions

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. iskinner 5/25/12 1:25 PM
No plugins added.  Nothing added to SketchUp or my computer of which I am aware since I started using SketchUp two weeks ago

It worked many more time then once or twice before it started having its fit.  I was using it for nearly two weeks starting and stopping several times a day.  Then first thing yesterday morning, this.

Any time I start up, it immediately crashed after the initial splash screen.

I have now uninstalled SketchUp, downloaded a new installer and reinstalled SketchUp to no effect.  Still crashes immediately.

Thanks for the input.


Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. iskinner 5/25/12 1:59 PM
I just updated my display driver to the latest version.  Still not running.  As soon as I click on "Start Using SketchUp" on the splash screen, SketchUp crashes.

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. Anselmus 5/26/12 10:09 AM
As a stab in the dark, what happens if you double-click on a SketchUp file in a folder window? I have never heard of it happening in XP, but some Vista users have reported the same behaviour where bypassing the startup screen and the instructor window in this way have enabled SketchUp to work.

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. iskinner 5/30/12 7:27 AM
Good stab.  It got very close to the mark.

I did not have very much hope, because that was how I was usually opening SketchUp when I was working with it.  I would open the most recent file on which I was working.  But it always went through the splash screen.  That was the events that led up the the original instance of the crashes.

I tried it today after your suggestion.  The first file I clicked on opened!  But I did get a dialog saying something about the OpenGL configuration changing either in the graphic's drivers or SketchUp registry..  I presume do to the installations of both upgraded drivers and|or SketchUp reinstalls.

But when I closed SketchUP and tried another file I got the same crashing behavior.  And then for all the files after that, including the one that originally worked when I first tried it this morning.

With the idea planted about bypassing the splash screen, I did just that.  I unchecked the box to have the splash screen show up each time I start SketchUp.  That seems to have worked!  Now SketchUp starts without any issues.  Either with directly from the Start menu or by opening a SketchUp work file.

I haven't tried to use it more than that, yet.  So I don't know how long this might last or if there are other issues lurking, waiting for me to start trying to work with my files.  So, with some cautious optimism I will now start working and hopefully everything goes as expected.

Thanks for your help so far and hopefully it will not be needed in the near future.

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. iskinner 5/30/12 3:00 PM
So far so good.

After disabling the initial splash screen, I have been able to use SketchUp all day today.

Thank you again for you help.


Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. Angie111 6/11/12 11:20 AM
I have the same problem. After completely removing and reinstalling free Sketchup 8, it opens but then freezes instantly. I have sufficient free hard drive space (19GB) so I can only assume my graphics card (2007 laptop) is no longer good enough for this latest version. I am no tech wizzard so can't be sure though.....

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core-Processor TK-53   1.7 GHz

Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. Angie111 6/11/12 11:23 AM
I have also just tried disabling the splash screen, but the same thing happens (it doesn't work)..
Re: SketchUp 8 just stopped working. Anselmus 6/11/12 1:23 PM
You don't mention what graphics card you have. The first thing to try would be looking for a newer driver version for the graphics card. These can be downloaded from the website of the chipset maker of your card (for cards that work with SU, usually Nvidia or AMD/ATI).

SketchUp usually runs fine even on quite undersized hardware, but a separate graphics card is IMO a requirement. My small models work well with the machine I am writing this with, a 7-year old Pentium IV luggable with a Nvidia card that has 64 Mb of memory.