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Putting a building in situ

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Putting a building in situ gbainbridge 4/30/12 7:28 AM
SketchUp Version: 8

I have designed a building in Sketchup, with the intention of possibly getting it built. I tried to put it in situ, so that I could see how it looks in it's final location, but I was disappointed to find that the image of the area was both old and far lower resolution than the one in Google maps. This meant that whereas Google maps shows the road that the building will be alongside, the terrain in Sketchup appears to date from before the road was built. Is there any way to update the terrain in Sketchup to match the level of detail in Google maps?

Re: Putting a building in situ Gaieus 4/30/12 8:33 AM
SketchUp actually grabs Google Maps data. Is the satellite imagery at that location in Google Maps any better (or just the map shows the road already)?
Re: Putting a building in situ gbainbridge 4/30/12 8:48 AM
It doesn't seem to be the same. When my computer has stopped rendering my animation (in about 2 hours time) I will put up a set of comparison screen shots.

Re: Putting a building in situ gbainbridge 4/30/12 12:37 PM

Here's the comparison between Sketchup and Google maps. Looking at it again it may just be the difference in the resolution rather than just a newer photo in Google maps, but the roads have been recently made up, Previoiusly they were just cart tracks.

Incidentally, my render went wrong as well, after 24 hours rendering, it only renedered the first few and last few seconds, then sat on a stilll image for two and a half minutes :-(