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Google softwares on Linux

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Google softwares on Linux Nisse Manpower 6/23/10 11:59 AM
A complaint:

It's a shame that Google doesn't develop their great software applications for use in Linux. Especially when Google officially have announced that they will stop using Windows in the company.

So please Google (with sugar on top)...

-Please port your great software to Linux!!

Re: Google softwares on Linux John Bacus 6/24/10 11:14 AM
Hi Nisse Manpower,

While we don't officially support Linux, SketchUp can be run effectively on Linux by using Wine. I've added a link below to the WinHQ wiki page describing this configuration.


Re: Google softwares on Linux Nisse Manpower 6/24/10 8:24 PM
Please tell your boss to port the Google tools to Linux!
Re: Google softwares on Linux gwpl 7/11/10 2:50 AM
Unfortunately I've found problems in running wine on my 64-bit linux :/. But thanks for help, please put above link and info about "SketchUp + Wine" in a few places to spread this information around.
Re: Google softwares on Linux paucarre 7/20/10 11:25 PM
"SketchUp can be run effectively on Linux by using Wine", Sorry, I am not stupid enough to believe this. SketchUp in Linux is buggy, slow and visually horrible. 
It is difficult to believe you when you say that Chrome/Linux stuff is better than Microsoft products because Google has a clear preference of Microsoft desktop clients. You even ignore Linux in Sketchup! 
Re: Google softwares on Linux POSH GmbH 7/21/10 3:03 AM
OpenGL based 3D CAx apps regularly do not show a stable graphics output with virtualized or emulated surroundings.

SU on Wine is nothing for everyone doing professional stuff for e.g. making a living of.

Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 7/21/10 1:57 PM
@gwpl: make sure you have wine1.2. It is supposed to handle both 64 and 32 bit apps by using different prefixes.

This topic has already come up endless times. And even the Googlers know quite well that there are thousands wishing a native Sketchup version (search this forum, the old SU group, the 'petitions' etc). 

Still I don't understand why so many people do not even try to use it in Wine - if you don't try it, you cannot judge. "buggy, [...] visually horrible" are only partly true. After using SU in Wine for over a year, I know how to make many things work and how to disguise SU as if it was a beautiful native app (before it looked like win98) - but all that is much hazzle and not adequate for a modern desktop application in the long term, especially for professional use.

I really much appreciate the improvements over the last years, that are also due to contributions of the SU team (thanks!). Sketchup in Wine doesn't any longer crash more often than on XP. Its annoyances lay elsewhere ( John, please don't take it amiss):

*** no working kmz/dae-exporter, which means that the internal upload doesn't work as well as the upload field on the website
*** some windows (entity info, materials browser etc) randomly stick to my mouse cursor or follow the cursor when I hover those windows
* those windows disappear after some time if you use (and switch between) multiple desktops
* after opening SU, it can randomly start to zoom or pan
* no drag-and-drop of files into SU window
* integrated browser is currently again blank (worked in SU6)
* photo textures feature doesn't work
* ruby console doesn't work
* sketchy styles don't show lines
* some toolbar icons are partly hidden because the toolbar is slightly too narrow
* you need to press Alt + Alt Gr for the sample tool
* no file preview images (Wine-related, not SU)
* takes ~20 seconds to start (Ubuntu boots faster)

As long as there are no equal alternatives and as I cannot resist the intuitivity of SU, I can accept all that. All tools that you need in daily work run without any problems, ruby scripts, even photo match, autosave, component search in 3dwh...

Nevertheless, I think Google's relation to linux is somewhat bizarre ;-)
The search engine technology (and Google's success) relies on a customized linux server. Besides Google offers it's own distributions Android + Chrome and wants us to use them. Since the hack attack on a Windows machine, Google's employees are free to choose between Linux or Mac OS (-> all screenshots in SU help are made on a Mac). But still most Google desktop applications are not well supported on those so-called "mobile devices", like the GE-Plugin, SU, Picasa.
On the other hand, Stevie Jobs is rather not a big friend of Google (Apps) on the iPhone... 
Re: Google softwares on Linux POSH GmbH 7/22/10 3:06 AM
Supporting a third platform with roughly 1% market share on the desktop not only multiplys the efforts for (and thus slow down) development but also will lead to addditional tech. support which is difficult to provide for many SU dealers who are already not able to support the Mac OS platform because of Windows knowledge only.

Linux is great for serves (w/ admins) but still not used as a workstation os, at least by the vast majority of our customers.

Re: Google softwares on Linux John Bacus 7/22/10 6:28 AM
Hi guys,

I'm afraid there's some truth to what Norbert says. A full native port to (some version of Linux) would be complex and resource-intensive for us. Google does like Linux, but that doesn't make it any easier to do native ports of client apps like SketchUp. For now, support via Wine is the best we're going to be able to do.


Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 7/24/10 6:40 PM
That is true. In difference to windows, you normally never have to install any drivers (as linux brings far more by default than windows), but if you have some particular peripheral equipment or very special video cards, the drivers most likely don't exist at all.

I fear that a port to linux would be at the beginning even more buggy than SketchUp in Wine. And the lack of resources for bug-fixing would rather look like disinterest, as the very silence from the GE developers leads to assume [...] It's still great that we can discuss and understand here at the SU forum.

»Especially when Google officially have announced that they will stop using Windows in the company.«
Banning one system does not induce to use all alternatives, as well as one can still produce for the same platforms as before. But primarily depending on software (and hardware!) of one well-known company, does this go well? I bet we will maybe see the time when Google is fleeing from Apple and switching to Windows... in far, far, very far future...
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 7/25/10 1:52 PM
of course Wine on a Mac!
Re: Google softwares on Linux FazJaxton 7/26/10 7:39 PM
Sketchup is a great tool, and I too would like to see it on Linux.  I certainly understand that you have limited resources, and am very pleased that you have made it available for free at all.  It would be much appreciated if you could keep an eye on the problems in Wine and work to correct those to provide a good experience in Linux.  Also, if you ever think about open sourcing this product, I am sure that the community would do the port for you.

Thanks again for a great tool!
Re: Google softwares on Linux keen101 8/9/10 6:35 PM
We need a native version for linux.

Google has plenty of money and plenty of good programmers, so i dont believe the claim about this being resource intensive. Complex, yes, but it's what we [the users] want! Besides, with all this talk about android possibly being used in new areas in the future, it would be beneficial to have a version that could run on android.

+1 for future linux support (even if it means re-building it from the ground up)
Re: Google softwares on Linux John Bacus 8/10/10 3:50 PM
Hi keen101,

Google does have lots of programmers, but we also have lots of products under development. Our resources are large but not infinite. The SketchUp team is well staffed and capable of continuing the development of SketchUp on its current roadmap, but we're not capable of taking on a third client platform at this time.


Re: Google softwares on Linux parnote 9/15/10 10:49 AM
Asking Linux users to use the Windows version of Sketch Up in Wine is a slap in the face. Many Linux users came to Linux as Windows refugees, tired of putting up with substandard applications on a substandard operating system. Now you want to ask Linux users to run a Windows version of Sketch Up? Even Google has abandoned using Microsoft products, because of it's inferiority.

C'mon Google! Support the OS that you have chosen to support all of your online applications ... Linux! Release a Linux version of Google Sketch Up.
Re: Google softwares on Linux POSH GmbH 9/16/10 2:11 AM
Linux is a server operating system and has no relevance on the desktop (see link above).

Windows is currently the best desktop operating system on the market if a fast video output with mature OpenGL support is required.

Google please don't put any efforts in a Linux version but in improving the product itself instead.

Norbert (w/ Android Smart Phone)
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 9/16/10 5:52 AM
Sorry to say this, Norbert, but what you write sounds slightly a bit unfair. Here are users that worry about being able to use SketchUp.  I think these users are much more concerned by this request than you as not-linux user.

I see that the variety of distributions could be an obstacle as well as only the word "Linux" threatens many software producers. It's not correct to push linux in the corner of geeks and computer science. Linux in fact is only a kernel that is used in devices ranging from supercomputers to washing machines and portables - and also desktops. Maybe its better to request a SketchUp version for Ubuntu (Fedora, Mint etc. included as they are binary-compatible), because it sounds better than "Linux"?

Distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint have tens of millions users and can compete with Windows&Mac regarding usability. In some aspects they even have surpassed the conventional systems. I installed Ubuntu for my grand parents and several other aged people that have never used a computer before. They had a fast learning curve and find their way alone, if necessary they do autonomously install tools they need, whereas I know other people where I have much more efforts to maintain or fix their windows PC.

I understand why programmers focus rather on features that increase the popularity and media coverage of their product than the actual amount of covered userbase. It might be based on a thoroughly thought-out decision that Google could not yet support a system that still is relatively unknown and ranges in the <5% where statistics are not
. Steve Balmer claims linux usage at 10%, but I believe wikimedia's stats are more trustable and well-balanced with 1.88%, and within web developers it is around 5%. The low market share (and uncertainty about it) is definitely the problem that Linux has.

I try not to be biased about OS, as I currently have the possibility to use Windows, Mac and Ubuntu (I only have to use Ubuntu at home as Vista&7 do not run on my old hardware, well, and OS X neither). I see that all of them have their advantages and disadvantages (also Mac), but I have to say that Ubuntu has made huge steps during the last years. Hardware support is not anymore a significant problem like it was years ago and working on it is similar comfortable like on Windows or OS X.

@parnote: I support the idea of a native SketchUp version for linux based systems, but being a member of that forum for a long time, I know that a native version is neither planned nor does Goole (let's better say the SketchUp team, they aren't too many) don't have the resources to port SketchUp or rewrite it.

As Norbert says, there are currently lots of open fields that need improvement and have high importancy for paying users. I think the SketchUp team is well adviced in improving the current product, and we do often profit from such improved features when using SketchUp in Wine. Nevertheless, I can confirm you that the SketchUp team has contributed for making SketchUp usable in Wine (and I hope for help in solving the remaining flaws).

We really shouldn't try to persuade or even force Google to do things. Instead, Wine is the best what we have for the moment. It's not true what many people believe about Wine (à la 'buggy' etc.), if your main aim is to use SketchUp then give it a try. It works good and stable for daily use. Nevertheless, some tricks are necessary to have a better desktop integration (and that is not because Linux would be bad, but rather because Wine is not yet a finished replica of the Windows API, and because the Windows API is unpublished).
Re: Google softwares on Linux ethana2 9/29/10 10:40 PM
I like how Google distributes Android, but then shuns Ubuntu for a native sketchup support and ## doesn't even provide a .deb WINElib built version of Sketchup ## for Ubuntu like they did for Google Earth.  I find it utterly hypocritical.

To be clear, I love Gmail, I love Maps, I'm a complete and total Android fanatic, I shudder when I see people using Bing instead of Google, I'm basically a complete and total Google fanboi, I'll admit it.  I even have an Orkut. Everyone who really knows me knows I love Google and everything about them.      ...Except Sketchup.

I remember when I first found sketchup, how excited I was..  Modeled my bedroom, my house, my furniture, all kinds of things... uploaded them all to the 3d warehouse.  I took it all down some years ago.  I hope some day I'll have reason to put it back up and get modelling again.  I know software is a really silly thing to get bent out of shape over, I mean, it's really just a bunch of 1's and 0's, but somehow I do feel hurt, even after all these years.
Re: Google softwares on Linux linux3 10/2/10 12:53 PM
Google has spoken, use Windows or drink Wine ?
Re: Google softwares on Linux Hypro 10/3/10 8:27 PM
I agree that a native port for Linux would be great but practically impossible. I would be glad to see Google at least spend a little time trying to fix or identify what is causing several of the bugs @Aerilius mentioned. Being a developer probably the most annoying (and I bet easier to fix is the Ruby console).
Finally I agree that opensourceing the code (the free version) would be the best so others (as myself) can chip in with a little time.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 10/4/10 9:53 AM
Welcome in the forum, ethana2, linux3 and Hypro!
It's great to see even more people who would like to use SketchUp on their OS.

@ethana2: Unfortunately a WINElib build wouldn't solve the existing incompatibilities, it just would be easier to install. Serious problems are still the collada exporter and webdialogs (on which almost every new feature relies). But there is a place where I would like to see such a build of SketchUp: the Ubuntu Software Center

@Hypro: Have you tried the latest version of Wine (1.3.3)? I discovered yesterday that the Ruby console works now! Besides even drag-and-drop of images works (and doesn't have the crash issue that SketchUp on XP has). Here the PPA:
Re: Google softwares on Linux ckunte 10/19/10 12:28 AM
Here's how I got SketchUp 8 work on Ubuntu 10.04. (The setup is quirky because of the need to modify Windows registry in Wine, but it works like a native app--if you can forgive the small menu text squint.)

I can confirm from my recent upgrade that this setup also works in Ubuntu 10.10.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 10/19/10 5:48 AM
Great that it works also for you and thanks for the blog post!
I often think about if I should describe the 'terminal' way (faster) or the graphical way (intuitive for new users?) to do something. I think both approaches are very valuable.
Re: Google softwares on Linux nmassart 10/19/10 6:01 AM
I really whant SU on linux natively (tryed Wine, it's ...arggg, no word...).
But be carerful, this means that devices like 3D mice such as space navigator have to work on linux !
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 10/19/10 9:50 AM
That would be cool! Luckily spacenavigator and other multi axis devices work out of the box in current kernel versions (without installing something from 3dconnexion). They are not yet included in much software, but driver support is no obstacle.

The newest version of Google Earth 5.2 supports spacenavigator, but you still need to activate it in the googleearth/driver.ini (I don't know why they didn't yet activate it by default). If you have problems, you can ask me.

Regarding spacenavigator and SketchUp in Wine, I see black. The problem is that Wine has to support such devices first and it's very unlikely that this will happen in near future.
Re: Google softwares on Linux nmassart 10/19/10 12:10 PM
Infact, I already followed these tutorials, but it still doesn't work for my Ubuntu 10.04 box :(
I have a Space Navigator, it works nice under WinXP... but sometimes I use Earth with linux and I can't use my mouse to navigate now that I'm using a 3D mouse most of the time.
Re: Google softwares on Linux yingted 10/24/10 2:05 PM
For me, after install, sketchup works well except for the dialogs, which start out maximized, but I don't care about that.
Google SketchUp 8
more information:
SketchUp looks like it would be a pain to port anyways.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Hypro 10/26/10 7:47 AM
@Aerilius thanx. Just installed wine 1.3.x and the Ruby console seems to work well. Didn't have more time to try it but that was something I wanted to use. Thanks again.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Hypro 10/26/10 9:16 PM
In order to install Wine 1.3.x on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS do:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install wine1.3

SketchUp work better than with the standard version.
Re: Google softwares on Linux henriquesieb 11/16/10 10:20 AM
Usar o sketchup no wine é uma merda... é cheio de bugs.
O pessoal do google bem que podia deixar de ser capacho do windows de vez por todas e lançar logo o sketchup para linux.
Se criaram um SO (chrome so) baseado em linux, por que não criar uma versão do sket para esse sistema.
Garanto como teria muitos downloads.
Re: Google softwares on Linux wphred 11/22/10 6:08 PM
Call me a new user of Sketchup although I have played with it from time to time. With each release of Wine and Sketchup, I see improvements running Sketchup on Wine. There have been many problems reported, but I get no sense of what are the most limiting issues for each user/poster.

Would it make sense to create a list of problems that people are having, and then vote on their priority? If no Linux version will be ported, would such lists be of service to the Sketchup and Wine development teams, creating some sensitivity to issues that either team may help to improve? There could be different catagories of lists (Google Earth, printing, display issues, etc.)

I'm using Sketchup to design furniture for my own use - strictly amateur, and maybe I'm not using features or creating models of sufficient complexity to experience some of the issues I've seen posted. For me, the most irritating thing I find is the black screen in print preview (and getting the black page if you print it). My workaround is to take a screen shot of the model so I don't take my laptop to the dusty confines of my shop, but that doesn't work if I want to print patterns I have made where their scale is important.

Okay, so perhaps the issue I'm having is a small one, but what are the BIG problems users are having? Can anyone define that if no lists and votes have been made and cast?
Re: Google softwares on Linux catamountain 11/22/10 7:59 PM
It is possible to create a spreadsheet to collect info.  This is one Google SU folks set up to collect info about graphics cards  These are the results for everyone to see
One of our latest Sages, Aerilius, is the Linux specialist around here, hmmmmm.......
I know where some links to find the spreadsheet form can go.... 
Crap, I am very familiar with a certain website which has a tabulating page template....
I think we could just "copy" the graphics card one for the sorting/collecting formulas on the columns/rows.  And there should be a place to note things that are not on the form.
Sound like the genesis of a good idea.
Re: Google softwares on Linux catamountain 11/22/10 8:18 PM
Start making a list of things a spredsheet can tabulate.
Graphics card
quantity of RAM
version Wine
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 11/23/10 4:16 AM
@wphred: thanks for your engagement and ideas!

Some things that I experienced are:
 There are 1100+ people who say they want to have a native version (and of course more would get to know SU if it was available). However it seems many of them do not use SketchUp in Wine. The more efforts we do in making it work in Wine, the more do I feel guilty in some way that this takes away reasons for the SketchUp team to make a native version.
 There is only very few engagement in Bugzilla on, mostly the people who discover something that is a problem for their own work with SketchUp.
• While some people say, it works completely, others say it doesn't work at all and is buggy. For me, the only essential step to make SketchUp work in Wine is the registry key for OpenGL. It would be interesting to gather in a list if this is in general the case or if some of the additional tricks are essential too. 

For what I experienced, the remaining 'big' issues are 
• the web dialogs show blank (model upload, building maker, Add location, phototextures, component attributes depend on that)
• and the image creation (image export, file thumbnails, scene/component thumbnails and print preview depend on that), probably related to something with OpenGL.

I will think about creating a spreadsheet later. Any ideas are welcome!
Re: Google softwares on Linux catamountain 11/23/10 8:43 AM
Aerilius, if you want to start with a list, that's the easiest thing to do - and maybe the most useful to collect information you don't know.  A comment subpage can be added to your Linux page like this one  All that needs to be done is for me to make a copy of the spreadsheet, insert the form and spreadsheet on a page and share the spreadsheet with you.  You will set the spreadsheet to notify you when a comment is made.
Re: Google softwares on Linux nmassart 11/23/10 9:18 AM
I agree with Aerilius on the fact that using Wine is a good reason for Google to never invest on a linux native version.

However I'll add that, as Sketchup is a close source proprietary program it may encounter difficulties with the core Linux community. First, it will make distribution mainteners unable to create packages for each Linux flavour and so make google in front of a choice of falvours to support. If they develop SU for linux and then make it available only for Ubuntu, that's nice, but that's not the linux spirit and the community will shoot again on Google. If they make a package for hundred of distros it will be a loss of time for every body as they won't be able to focus on developing new functionalities in SU as fast as today (and it's already not so fast as I would like it to be today) . They did the port to linux for GE because it's an ad displaying program. The more people can see the world through Google GE, the more Google earns money. But SU has no ad revenues. The only revenues of SU is the pro version, and most pros are using Win or OSX, and the fact that SU helps the 3DWH to be a huge 3D resource. But a linux version of SU won't probably change the 3DWH size... so Google HAVE to leave SU out of this linux thing. The only way to have a linux version of SU is making it open source so maintainers can make there packages themselves. But I don't think giving SU code to the world is planned by Google. It would be nice, but I think there's more chance that they focus on sending robots on the moon...
Re: Google softwares on Linux wphred 11/23/10 8:12 PM
I agree with both Aerilius' and nmasssart's comments regarding the use of  Wine as a reason for Google to not port SU to linux. And nmassart makes good points about the opening of SU source code being unlikely.

My opinion is that Google will never port SU to linux - there is no business case for it. Google is a business, and pushing everything else aside, Google's business is to make money and increase revenue for its shareholders. nmassart is spot on about the differences between GE and SU: one makes money for the company and one does not (I realize SU Pro creates revenue for Google, but I'd guess its contributions to Google's coffers are minimal compared to GE).

So why am I running on about this? Unless a valid business case can be made for Google to port SU to linux (and I don't think it is out there), then any efforts contra to this brings to mind the legend of Sisyphus. I think if we want SU to work on linux, Wine is the answer, and anything we could do that might generate some collaboration between Google and Wine is to our advantage. But that means the linux community must be able to put together a cohesive presentation that addresses the greatest number of, and most annoying issues linux  users are having. I've been to the Wine website and Aerilius is right; there are few bugs with SU that are being addressed. We are a fragmented group that probably doesn't translate into anything of a size that garners Google's or Wine's attention (other than the continued plea to port SU on linux to which a deaf ear has been turned), no matter what our numbers.

Maybe a prioritized list isn't the most effective way to proceed. I just threw that out there to generate a response. I'd love to hear other opinions. I have shuttled over to SU because I am tired of beating my head against a wall trying to get TurboCAD Pro, version 10, to work on Wine. There seems to be a larger community of SU users, so that's the circle I'm choosing  to throw my hat in. But if we don't have an organized approach to solving our issues with SU, then we are stuck in a DO loop.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Guinioul 2/3/11 2:24 AM
I add my vote for a linux version of SU !

And it can be just because of Android !
Google show us since 3years how they could use linux on smartphones !

So I find normal and fairplay google consider about a native linux sketchup release .
Hey ! With android you exploited the linux kernel as it was your's ! Because the linux community did it ! And so now google can just say "oh no, this is too complicated to make a linux version of SU", "there is not enough interested users/customers (which is not true!), "just use wine", etc .

This is unfair, you cannot use the work of the Linux community fot Android and say "no sketchup for linux users" !

And when google say "linux is not a desktop OS" it is just lies !

I know a lot of people interested by SU on linux ! And it's not complicated, just do a Debian/Ubuntu version and that's it !
Architects, for example, use A LOT sketchup, and a lot of them are on windowsXP because all the big architecture software work only on MS product (and some of them on osX) .

But all of them who tried Linux said "whaoooo" I want that !  Then the first question they ask is "what about sketchup on linux?"
Re: Google softwares on Linux Saxofon 2/23/11 5:12 AM
It's a pitty it needs to be a flame war all the time between windows, mac and linux users.

Come on people and open up your eyes! (this includes Google management that has so
for not decided to add linux to the list of OS ports ;-) )

What the heck about "1% of customers" etc? That is probably your situation but certainly
not mine. I haven't used a Windows machine since 2001 (professionally as well as at home)
and I certainly not going to start now. Using chrome for example works very well.
To add, *a lot* of my customers (mostly sw developers) are actually based on Linux.
It is different and we just have to face the facts: some people like windows and will continue
use it, some people like mac and will continue use it and also some people like linux and
will continue use it. My belief is that this is the major three desktop OS's. Perhaps there are more?
Android, meego etc are not there yet for desktops.

Sometimes I miss things, like SketchUp would be wonderful to have a native solution.
I've just tried to use it via wine. It installs fine but fails to run after the first dialogue box.

On the other hand, I would really miss soooo much more if I was to use a windows or mac machine...
So much that in fact, I couldn't do my job properly.

So, Google, step up and make that native SketchUp please.
Re: Google softwares on Linux PawelO 4/26/11 2:23 PM
Its not 1 percent... there more linux users then mac/
Re: Google softwares on Linux Antti M. 6/24/11 7:11 AM
1% is bit low as many people have linux as second computer or dualboot. But the main thing is not 1% but what alternatives would be competing with SketchUp? None, that would make SketchUp defacto standard in linux. The OS userspace is not the same as potential market. I would argue that there is probably 10 times more users for 3d programms in linux than in windows.
Re: Google softwares on Linux DebianX 6/28/11 1:11 AM
"But there is a place where I would like to see such a build of SketchUp: the Ubuntu Software Center"

I'm sorry, just to clarify, did you imply that you wanted someone to port SketchUp to Linux, create a .deb package out of it, and then add it to the ubuntu repositories? That sounds exactly like what everyone is asking for. After re-reading it a few times, it almost sounded as though you wanted some sort of wine/sketchup package in an official repository? Don't you think for a company that appears to support GNU/Linux so much, it would just make more sense to port it over yourselves?

Also, why not just release the binaries if it's really just 'too much trouble to handle' for Google's team.

Even though I'm a pretty solid supporter of Google and it's endeavors, instead of messing with a closed source, single threaded, non-native modeling program, I'm going to keep on keeping on with blender. Unfortunately, I feel you've dropped the ball on this one, and no amount of wine will help.

@Antti M. "But the main thing is not 1% but what alternatives would be competing with SketchUp? None, that would make SketchUp defacto standard in linux. The OS userspace is not the same as potential market. I would argue that there is probably 10 times more users for 3d programms in linux than in windows."

10x the amount of people in need of 3D modeling programs, and no alternatives to running SketchUp in wine? Not only does that not make any sense, it's also wrong: blender is and will be the 'defacto' standard in the GNU/Linux community for serious modeling whether or not Google ever ports SketchUp over. The only reason one would need to use SketchUp is if they're just starting out, or if they needed to whip something up quickly and didn't need to compromise the resources a more serious CAD program uses.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius* 6/28/11 8:37 AM
sorry you dug up a very old post (over a year!). At that time I was not yet top contributor and even today I'm neither employee nor in any other way associated with Google (maybe that caused confusion).

This was just meant as some kind of "vision" and mainly addressed towards Google at that time.

Never would I expect any other user to do this, and I myself have not the knowledge of doing a debian package. There are more factors that influence if this can be done:
• a native version would be preferable, but this seems not to happen in the foreseeable future
• for some people it may sound odd, but there are already other Wine-packaged softwares like MS Powerpoint Viewer in the repositories (equal whether it's Ubuntu, Mint or any other distribution's Software Center).
• some weeks ago an Italian guy actually showed a video of a debian package of SketchUp (in Wine), however there are still legal concerns about redistribution. I have as little influence on that as everyone else here.


I believe Blender and on the other platform eg. Autodesk have in common that they are professional softwares for serious modeling, but for many people there's a barrier (either high price and/or long learning curve). SketchUp successfully filled this gap on the Windows/OS X market, and I believe similarly the demand on linux cannot be saturated by Blender. The achievable market share of a linux port of SketchUp is a different question. Just my thoughts ;-)
And sorry again for the confusion.
Re: Google softwares on Linux linuxuser 7/2/11 3:21 AM
Re: Google softwares on Linux BJMR 9/5/11 9:36 PM
Let me start out by saying, wow. I find it interesting that Linux users (myself included) often take it as a personal offense when official support isn't provided to them. Imagine if all Windows users (I'm in that list too) were offended when Google banished Windows from operations. If the SketchUp team could flick a switch and give it to us they would.


Officially supporting a non-officially supported OS by way of a constantly changing abstraction layer would make a native package look simple, so I understand SU Team not looking into that. However, I would advise SU to be as helpful and non-litigious to anyone wishing to independently do so.

I also agree about the userbase. While total users of Linux may be 1/10ths of the total computer market, the percentage of likely user on that platform may be higher. I would imagine 90%+ of Linux users would be able and interested in an SU type program, though may be using an already existing alternative. I'm not going to be able to get my grandmother (Windows) to run SU though.


You are fairly correct about blender's userbase being 'advanced' compared to the users and expected features of SU.


I find it interesting how people seem to view 'porting' software from one platform to another. Today, Win Vista/7/8 are unix-ish, OSX is so related to Unix and Linux still that it has X window manager. Now, I am not a developer, but I have discussed porting (actually the other way round, Linux ->Win/OSX) and they described moving to OSX as fairly straight forward, just a matter of linking things up and tying into the OS' handlers. It is actually not a 'rewrite' for this OS or that, but recompile, translate feature support, and package. Especially in 3d applications a significant amount of the coding is for the GPU and that code is nearly identical.

It still is a lot of work to have a fully working version under Linux, and importantly each distro has some consideration and support that applies. But I can't see an argument against providing the core binaries to a Linux development group ala Launchpad/Canonical or even Debian itself and letting them sort out the port. Perhaps they could even provide some development feedback to the SU team to make future code revisions more OS modular, providing smoother ports to Google's own OS' in Android and ChromeOS.  Canonical could supply support for it, releasing Google of that concern, though telling Linux users they get 'as-is' support would be the same as most other Linux software.

I will not criticize Google too heavily however, as all these statements apply to two of the big Kahunas in software development Adobe and Autodesk, and neither is making a great deal of progress into Linux either.
Re: Google softwares on Linux frobroj 1/17/12 11:15 AM
I know that Google has the "Dont Be Evil" Mantra but they have all the tools to Destroy the windows desktop(Making the world a safer place) they just need help as far as a good OS to supplant Windows(Today). Why not leverage Ubuntu? Sure its 1%(Not an accurate number from what I have seen) but it could easily jump and quickly. The biggest hurdles are already being overcome by Google(Office products etc) but why hold out for Chrome OS? Why wouldn't you all start undermining that horrible entity today? Is it being Evil if your taking down an Evil Corporation?( I submit into evidence: ).

I still don't understand why Google doesn't buy Autodesk and all the other companies that build software for Microsoft that keep people from making the jump from the Windows OS. If they did that then they would really be giving folks Choice and would really be doing "Good" Lots of "Good"(Like Mother Theresa style "Good"!). But their motto is not "Do Good!" its "Dont be Evil".

But if you step back and look at the whole picture they still do a heck of allot of good and they should certainly be commended for everything they have done for Open Source(Google Projects) for Science(Google Scholar) and for the things they have already done to help free us all from the Monopoly of MS(Docs, Mail, Apps, etc). And the few things I have mentioned are just a drop in the total bucket of things they have done! Sometimes our wanting pulls our vision away from what has and is still being done by a company that has really done so much to help the world. Sure they make their $ but compared to the rest of the corporations out there they are really doing it in a very ethical and non-evil way. Once Facebook goes public in May you'll see how bad it can get. As if its not creepy bad already(Stop looking over my shoulder Zuck!). (Side note. you should all go get We Live In Public on netflix. It will give you a new perspective on social networking!)

Thanks Google for everything But please give me everything I want... Kidding. Thanks Google! I'll be patient and wait for the full html6 version to come out(If thats what you all are doing. If not then I will turn on my 4 year old persuasion technique "I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!") Very Persuasive No?!

Thanks Big G for everything!!
Re: Google softwares on Linux shredi 2/1/12 2:47 PM
I have been a linux user for 15 years. Currently running Ubuntu and quite happy. I have been using cad software for design work and shop drawings for years, I started playing with SU last year and have found it very intuitive and a great tool for client presentation. However running under wine it is not functional enough for pro work. I would BUY the pro version if it where available for native linux operation. Unfortunately I am using SU for client impression and REDRAWING everything in cad for shop drawings and construction docs, double the work. I would strongly suggest Google look at the market a bit more thoroughly. As I said, I would BUY the pro version if available, instead I am using a non current version with limited capability in a pro environment. I recently replaced my wife's mac book with a laptop running ubuntu. I took her mac book and loaded SU on that and got the functionality but because it has the power pc processor I can only run SU v 7. I can say that even with all  the time spent tweaking the wine installation to run SU v 8 under Ubuntu the functionality of V 7 on the Mac is better. So that leaves a choice I don't like, buy a new Mac......, I will NOT even consider a microsoft machine, so I can BUY the SU pro and draw once, or hope, beg and wait for a native linux version. Come on Google, there are pro users out there on this platform, give them the opportunity to BUY, USE and SUPPORT Sketchup. This is business, I'm a professional, You have a great product. Develop the market.
Re: Google softwares on Linux John Bacus 2/6/12 6:48 AM
Just out of curiosity, which CAD program are you using on your Ubuntu system?


Re: Google softwares on Linux shredi 2/6/12 1:34 PM
I was using Blue cad for a while, then transitioned To Q cad. Been using Q cad for 8 years. I am currently drawing a full detail set of house plans in SU as I now am beginning to understand it better, not sure if I will be able to go back to a 2D environment now. If all the dimensions are accurate in SU at the end then I will probably only use the 2D for shops and details. We normally have a laptop on site so reference to the drawings should be easy. Q Cad has worked very well, no real bugs or funky work arounds and stable, it is a great 2D package.

Re: Google softwares on Linux linux user4ever 2/23/12 6:34 AM
Unlike Google I've been windows free for greater than 10 years.  It is truely a shame that the backbone of Google (Linux) is supported on it's products.  I would really like to use SketchUp but as stated by others my experience with Wine has not been positive although it been a few years since I tried Wine. As far as Linux being a sever OS and not a desktop, it is a great server OS but in case you haven't heard it has made great strides on the desktop (Ubuntu, etc.).

I know this is just spit in the wind but I think Google management should take another look.  The message you send is that you use your competition (Microsoft or Apple) to use this product.
Re: Google softwares on Linux linux user4ever 2/23/12 6:39 AM
Re: Google softwares on Linux GillesS 2/24/12 4:15 AM

I'm discovering this discussion ... +1 for a native port from the OS X version.

About CAD under linux, there is UGS NX (now under siemens license). This is not a free of cost software but really professional. I think it's the only one, maybe GraphiteOne is becoming reliable enough. In my case ... I'm still waiting for more tools under linux before to switch definitively under linux and I'm still switching between Windows (as main OS) and linux VM (wich is really more easily virtualized than Windows).
Since a long time, I heard often the possible portage of Solidworks under linux ... still waiting.

John, In your case and about free/opensource softwares, let's try different softwares and chose the one would match your need. There is no "full solution" on linux. A lot of them are still under work. Are you working on Architecture or mechanical issues ?

Sketchup is a wonderful software and I still don't understand why google can't finance the portage under linux project. At least for cost reduction with an homogeneous technical and developpement force task !!

Thus, Google encouraged sketchup use in eductional organisation ( ) but they forget that more and more school migrate to linux for budget reason or, at least, would like to quit the Windows "fee" !! And defintively a school can't manage hard configuration setup like wine or equivalent ... without any guaranty on the result !!

Let's think about this ..
Re: Google softwares on Linux John Bacus 2/27/12 1:25 PM
Hi Gilles,

I've answered this question many times over the years, and the answer remains more or less unchanged. There simply isn't a market large enough to justify the cost of doing a native Linux port of SketchUp. 

One could argue that the market opportunity is larger than we know. I'm always willing to listen to new research on the subject, though evidence to date suggests the market is not very large. 

Alternately, one could argue that it is easier technically to do the port than we know. Again, I'm willing to listen to new arguments... but experience to date suggests the port would be quite difficult. A native port from OS X would depend on the presence of Apple's Cocoa frameworks on Linux. They do not exist in a sufficiently usable form at this time— making a port from OS X to Linux no easier than a port from Windows.

Until either a larger market emerges or native Linux software development becomes simpler it is unlikely that we'll have a native SketchUp port to Linux.

Re: Google softwares on Linux misiek_knm 2/28/12 5:14 AM
Well, Google won't know there is a market if nobody asks. The more users ask the more visible the need for the Linux version is. However I understand that porting software to another system is not trivial and maintenance / support will also require additional resources.

Nevertheless, I'm also interested in a native Linux version.

Re: Google softwares on Linux olaf 2/28/12 8:59 AM
Apple's Cocoa frameworks on Linux
You have a good sense of humor! In nice words said, a port from the OS X version would not have much advantage from the Unix base because one of the more bigger efforts is the UI. And here nobody can blame any Linux OS that they don't have Apple's proprietary libraries but a rich choice of their own. After all SketchUp must have had reasons to double their effort for Windows and OS X instead of using one cross-platform toolkit for both.

I would also state more precisely that it's not even a question of the market share alone (when SketchUp was ported to OS X, that OS had less users than Linux [desktop] nowadays), but also whether Google SketchUp expects to meet those user groups that it thinks are most important for being a profitable business.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Bruno N 4/2/12 5:26 PM
"Well, Google won't know there is a market if nobody asks. The more users ask the more visible the need for the Linux version is" well said misiek_knm
I am here to let they know i would like a Linux/Ubuntu version too!
Re: Google softwares on Linux Luminary Crush 4/10/12 9:02 AM
I find it interesting that Google is pushing it's Chrome OS - to deliver the Google Docs experience to end-users without having to install Office (or Office-like) products.  This lean OS runs Linux of course.
So, Sketchup doesn't run on Linux... but if Google wants to deliver that functionality to Chrome, how do they do it?
Perhaps like with Google Docs it becomes "web based" ... which really means running on a server somewhere in the Googleverse.  Those Google servers run Linux, not Windows or MacOS.

If this is the strategy, or even if it's an Android-based future... and Sketchup is going to continue as a product, it seems to me it will have to be ported to Linux at some point, if to run on the server in the background, or the desktop on Android or ChromeOS.

Re: Google softwares on Linux Cyber World UK 7/16/12 12:36 AM
Nevertheless, I think Google's relation to linux is somewhat bizarre ;-)
The search engine technology (and Google's success) relies on a customized linux server. Besides Google offers it's own distributions Android + Chrome and wants us to use them. Since the hack attack on a Windows machine, Google's employees are free to choose between Linux or Mac OS (-> all screenshots in SU help are made on a Mac). But still most Google desktop applications are not well supported on those so-called "mobile devices", like the GE-Plugin, SU, Picasa.
On the other hand, Stevie Jobs is rather not a big friend of Google (Apps) on the iPhone... 
Re: Google softwares on Linux Anselmus 7/16/12 4:23 AM
I think I have heard from somewhere that Steve Jobs is not among us any more...

I have also heard that SketchUp is no longer a part of Google.

Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius 7/16/12 5:56 AM
Now the Google/Android/Chrome argument is really worn out.
Also this whole platform discussion is tiring. Even when under Google, it was not like SketchUp "ignored" Chrome, SketchUp (the Viewer so far) has already been spotted in the browser. Let's see how Trimble follows further that path...
Re: Google softwares on Linux Chrome Forums 2/9/13 2:43 PM
Whether or not you believe it is up to you =) It works on my Linux box whether I'm using Mint 14 KDE, Gentoo or FreeBSD, so it might be worth a try. I could be wrong, but if you're anything like me you won't be too disappointed. I wish Google was more Linux friendly too, but they make cool enough wares that I'll take what I can get! =) oops I meant software not ``warez" xD
Re: Google softwares on Linux Vic Frank 2/10/13 9:23 AM
I have spent a good deal of time trying to get sketchup to run, in 12.10. I installed wine tricks and it opened sketchup it but failed to launch. I downloaded ( configure wine ) and want to know what dll to choose? Any suggestions?
Re: Google softwares on Linux Aerilius 2/10/13 11:27 AM
the usual way to find out why a program doesn't run is to start it from a terminal, then when the error happens look at the last messages in the console or the error message. This all has been done already and we can help you from experience (but we need to know more about the error that you get).
Have you already followed the tutorial at ?
If so and it still doesn't run, what version of Wine do you have?
Re: Google softwares on Linux Dakota Keeler 4/12/13 8:40 PM
I really hope Google will make their software for Linux. I hate having to reboot into windows to use Google's and adobe's products.
Re: Google softwares on Linux Eneroth3 4/13/13 2:20 AM
sketchup isn't a google product anymore
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