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SketchUp slowed almost to a halt

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SketchUp slowed almost to a halt infillah 7/25/12 4:42 PM
SketchUp Version: 8

I was doing fine building out on top of a sanborn map by importing various structures from the 3d warehouse.  Yes, they do come with a lot of extra layers and components, but it was fine until my work began to pause each time I positioned a structure.  At this point, I've lost control of positioning the structures in the correct location.  I went in and made sure that all objects were either a group or component, and each building belongs to a layer classified by land use (residential, apartment, commercial, public).  I then turned all layers off, and only worked with one object, and still the pausing occurs.  The project size is 16.8 mb.  Please help!  I tried to attach the model, but zipped it is 9.1mb.  I have a long way to go, and then I plan on placing labels of the buildings using SketchUp Pro.

Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt mac1 7/25/12 11:02 PM
You can upload your model to Google docs and avoid the 10MB limit. Set sharing to "anyone with link" and then post its URL here.
Try purging you model since there maybe extraneous "stuff" hanging around.
Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt infillah 8/5/12 6:33 PM
I have purged the unnecessary geometry, and the program is still too slow for me to precisely rotate and move my objects to line up with one another.  Here is a link to download it:
Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt SnowTiger (Chris Mowat) 8/6/12 5:58 AM
I downloaded and opened your model and I don't have any issues with it being slow.
It all works perfectly smoothly for me, although I have no idea why it is 12MB.  That is ridiculously large considering what little you have modeled.

I think you are going to have to provide details about your computer's Processor, Ram and Video Card.

When working with images in SU and especially if you computer is lacking, you should down-size your images first in your photo-editing software.
BTW- The Church image could have easily been Straightened (positioned) to ensure a symmetric model.

Anyway, short of lacking some SU technique and experience, the model works fine in SU.
Just a side note: When I opened the file it was in Parallel Projection Mode rather than Perspective Mode.  Is this how you were modeling ?
Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt SnowTiger (Chris Mowat) 8/6/12 6:07 AM
Actually, I'll take all that back.
I have a Quad Core Processor with a ton of Ram and 2 GeForce 8800 video cards (SLI). With everything (layers) turned on, it works smoothly for me.
BUT this is NOT going to be smooth on the majority of computers.
You have 818 Thousand Faces ... which is a TON for any computer to render.

I think you are going about this in all the wrong ways. However, turning layers off as you work is the right way to work on a model like this.
However, I would recommend that you create some Scenes so you can easily and quickly control which layers are on/off and when.
I would also reduce the number of faces on Columns etc. They don't need to be so detailed for a model like this  ... that is one of the big reasons your computer is slowing down.

Here is a 1 Hour Long video that you could probably benefit from watching.
Working with Large Models.
Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt George Knowles 8/7/12 7:40 AM

Hi Stephanie,

There’s an enormous amount of unnecessary detail in your model.  You need to keep it simple.
Think of adding detail to your model in terms of a budget; where every entity you add to the file has a price in performance.

Overly detailed components downloaded from the 3D Warehouse come with a very high price.
Bear in mind these were created as standalone models which by themselves perform OK.
However, their combined weight added to your single model file is simply more that one can afford.
The best components are those you model yourself; with just enough detail to look good and no more.

There’s no quick fix to make your model perform.
It will continue to lag until you put things in order.
You need to simplify or replace those overly complex components.
Then organize and manage your model carefully, like in the video Chris linked.

It’s best to download components from the 3D WH in a separate model file.
Examine them closely, clean them up, simplify, erase what you don’t need and purge.
That way you’ll keep your model clean and bring in only what you need.

Keep an eye on the Model Info-Statistics Panel.
2.3 million Edges; 818 thousand Faces and 12162 Component Instances are certainly over the top!

For example, you probably don’t need these:
25,688 railroad spikes
Houses with thick walls and highly detailed interiors, including closet shelves and the kitchen sink.
142 Sangs ??    BTW, we’ve been wondering why the 3D WH is running low on Sangs  :-))

Perhaps you don’t realize just how much stuff is in the model.
Try this and you may be surprised:
•  Turn on all the layers.
•  Click ... Window > Outliner
•  In Outliner, click ... Details (the little blue arrow icon) and select ... Expand All

Now watch this little video:  Le SketchUp Trainings Deux - Decreasing Model Size

Learn all you can here:  How do I make SketchUp run faster? — SketchUp Sage Site


Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt catamountain 8/7/12 10:14 AM
Wow, 142 Sangs!
Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt George Knowles 8/7/12 4:17 PM

Yep ... nearly a gross of Sangs and there’s one Bryce as well.

Not surprising as we’ve known for some time 2D people are capable of interversional jaunting


Re: SketchUp slowed almost to a halt infillah 8/10/12 2:43 PM
Do y'all know how to quickly bring a model in and set it on the image without having to orbit several ways and then it still be up in the air in one aspect?

Also, is there a good video on the reason behind creating scenes and how to maximize the model with scenes?