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Looking for archvis modelers

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Looking for archvis modelers SCF Solo 2/6/12 12:57 PM
I'm starting to notice an improvement in the economy and would like to be prepared for an influx of work (I'm an optimist), in order to be best prepared I will need more modelers that are proficient with Sketchup archvis modeling.
I would need you to be able to work with .dwg plans, be able to work within deadlines and be able to achieve the required detail as needed.
If you believe this is achievable then please let me know, I will require to see your portfolio of related works both exteriors and interiors.
Pete Stoppel
Re: Looking for archvis modelers allanx 3/25/12 1:58 PM
Hi Pete,

If you need one more please count me in...


Allan Casas
AOC4  studio