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Smartsheet embedding in Google Sites

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Smartsheet embedding in Google Sites QjQ 5/28/12 9:10 PM
Hi, I've been recently trying out Smartsheet and it is really a great product, but it is only half-way integrated with Google Sites.  Right now, you can log on to Google Apps and access the Smartsheet app from the "More" menu.  When you access a Smartsheet this way, Smartsheet knows who you are and registers your changes and comments under your name.  You can also embed a Smartsheet in your Google Site, but to do this you have to enable the sheet to be modifiable by anyone who has the link to the Smartsheet, so that when you access that Smartsheet from an iframe in the Site, the Smartsheet engine doesn't know who you are and logs your comment or change as done by an anonymous user. 

It would be great if access control and user identification for Smartsheets worked when they are embedded in Google Sites.
Re: Smartsheet embedding in Google Sites Scott at SS 6/26/12 5:08 PM
Hi QjQ. Google recently made a change to the way Sites work with apps. To get the user authentication correct, a link to Smartsheet link in Google Sites should look like this:  

If this does not fix your issue, please click here to contact our support team directly and a tech will get right on it. 

-- Scott