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Top High School Google Site

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Top High School Google Site Shokhun 4/30/12 10:18 AM
My site, for English

My site includes lots of tips and ideas I found on this site. Thanks!
Re: Top High School Google Site rherronrsd2 5/1/12 4:38 AM

I work with teachers at our school to help them create sites.  My site may be helpful to you.  It's aimed at educators (though the topics are applicable to any site).
Re: Top High School Google Site Jetter9 5/1/12 6:33 AM

I thought that you might benefit from a link to a website that we created for Districts / Schools / Teachers.  It is called "Apps For Eduction Resources" -

Also, we've created websites for an entire school district, including 11 schools and their performing arts center.  You can view these websites (Russellville School District) by clicking on this link -

We've also created a number of teacher / classroom templates for their teachers and have supported the templates with a series of customized YouTube videos that show the teachers how to customize those templates.

Classroom teacher template example -

Teacher YouTube Training Video -

Our website is Etter Ventures, LLC -