Nivo Slider in Google Sites

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Nivo Slider in Google Sites tgani 3/5/12 10:43 AM
I am trying to implement the nivo slider into my website and have it working, however it is very buggy - please take a look here.

The transitions are very jerky in chrome. In IE the transitions are much better but there seems to be a frame around it.

This is the default nivo-slider and its being hosted on drop-box and put into an iframe gadget.

I would appreciate any help, tweaks, tips or other information to get this going.


Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Steegle 3/6/12 3:12 PM
Works fine for me on my Chromebook.
Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Mark Spencer 4/28/12 6:49 AM
I'm keen to get an image slider/carousel on my Google Site. Could you pass on some how to's?

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Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Mark Spencer 5/5/12 10:22 AM
Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Mark Spencer 5/5/12 10:27 AM
Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites rollitup 5/8/12 9:24 PM
I tried this in Firefox and Chromium , in both the browsers the pre-loader just keeps running but no images load.
Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Mark Spencer 5/9/12 11:41 AM
As a starting point, does it work in IE?
Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Steegle 6/23/12 3:41 AM
Here's another approach.  

Do you want to add a slick animation, slideshow, carousel or slider to a Google Site using a Google Docs Presentation?  These instructions use a custom gadget made be Romain Vialard to embed a Google Docs Presentation into a Google Site.

Re: Nivo Slider in Google Sites Michelle Wells 1/9/13 3:12 PM
Thank you so much for the posted link on how to add a slider to Google Sites. I was searching for hours trying to find a way of creating a slider. I followed your instructions on the webpage ( you provided and added the gadget on my website but it turns up blank.  I mean nothing the space where the gadget (created slide presentation) should be is white!! What am I doing wrong? Do I need to edit the html code for the gadget you provided?
Really appreciated your help
Many thanks