Html boxes, site loading very slow

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Html boxes, site loading very slow Vicu 5/31/12 2:22 PM

I'm building my first site with google sites. You can see it here:

I'm using the "Blank Slate" theme. In the page content I have inserted three html boxes. All looks good.

The problem is the page loading very slow. Is it because the caja html sanitizer? Is there anything that I can do to make it load faster?

Is there any other approach so I can obtain the same layout of the site?

Thank you,
Re: Html boxes, site loading very slow Banty Mom 5/31/12 4:34 PM
I'm on a MacBook, running OS Lion. On Safari, it loaded right up for me. It took a bit longer to load up on Opera, slower on SeaMonkey, and the longest on Firefox. It was really really slow on Firefox.
Re: Html boxes, site loading very slow rocits 5/31/12 5:36 PM
Try the <object></object> tag [converts to a embed Object gadget] if your only using CSS styles and images

Do not use multiple HTML boxes /gadgets or anything that will have a double load- check network (F12) on chrome/firefox waterfall

Try caching images outside the html box first, if your using JS / jQuery?

Trying to figure out the caja filters myself.. very difficult because I think it's a modified caja it could endlessly be in beta!? 

..and never use the word "5and8ox" in your real site!lol
Re: Html boxes, site loading very slow NicholasT 7/12/12 4:05 AM
Hey Victor,

I've had the same problem with Google sites since using HTML boxes that have background images set using inline CSS.  Worse than the awful performance is that IE8 users often get scripting errors and IE becomes unresponsive.  Chrome and Firefox also take ages to position elements and your page can just look wrong for 10-20 seconds while it processes the obviously too complex HTML/Script on the page.

I had to resort to removing the HTML boxes on a clients site.

BTW, your site looks great and if you figure out a workaround please post.



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Re: Html boxes, site loading very slow CHSAdmin 7/12/12 5:07 AM
Victor, your site loads very slow. For better results we use the Google Gadget Editor for jQuery, JavaScript &  CSS.

Some examples: