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gadget panel refinements

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gadget panel refinements draftsmaker 4/21/12 11:37 AM
First I would like to acknowledge the easy of use of Google Sites for non-programmers, and these lines are intended to drop some ideas to see it growing in capabilities.

1) The current "More gadgets" is a go and get lost and meet frustrations place. It offers tons of unrelated spam-like gadgets, hundreds of clones that seem to coexist with previews versions or copycat likes, non-suitable gadgets for Google Sites that were more intended for the iGoogle homepage scenarios and cannot be implemmented here, some take permissions away for third party providers, and the very few and hard to find that are suitable seem abandoned of further development and were left in basic funcionality and lack of settings. There is no way to downsize that wildness to something more useful and explorer friendly?

2) Google Sites has a very reasonable security policy that compromise the embeding of code from third parties. That is great, but it would compensate a lot if the services barred from providing content could be replaced for Google security policy complyant gadgets built for Google Sites.

3) Knowing that this will probably be more of day dreaming: is there room for some hope of seeing a build your google sites complying gadget zone in the next 5 to 10 years? And what about a Google Sites dedicated team of Gadget makers?

4) Youtube being a Google service, is so rare to see the lack of integration into Google Sites of more youtube gadget offerings: video size settings, video control settings, youtube channel control settings, onclick pop up windows for youtube videos from thumbnail picture or links, youtube channel playlists player for favorites or uploads, and so on. I think this is less of day dreaming and more of a feasible wow magic feature content enrichment. By the way, I have tried already from a non-programmer search and copy level and was stopped by html and script deprecations that showed no mercy for those innocent goodies.

5) Talking about onclick pop up windows, the web 3.0 is highly defined by this cross embeding of contents, and bringing contents like those from Slideshare or Scribd would take so much real state that pages can go crowded with easy. On the other hand, contents delivered by onclick pop up windows embedings can make navegation a nice breeze of joy for everything from Google Docs, Youtube, Slideshare, Scribd, Delicious, Picasa web albums, etc. So yes, a gadget for onclick pop up window embeding of contents with that play settings control pad would be magic.

6) Know that joke about finding a decent rss feeds reader for a gadget in Google Sites? No? Try and invest weeks finding one in the "More gadgets" time black-hole. A Google gadget reader could be great, but standalone custom feed readers can be great too. The service that got closer to something like that is Netvibes, in fact, it seems based on that capability alone above anything else but feed readers got ubicuos everywhere from desk programs to mobile apps, so that sort of grow everywhere else made it irrelevant. Still, a place where custom rich feeds readers are nowhere to be found is Google Sites. How come? That gadget alone could make up for iGoogle like zones in pages in Google Sites, where feeds can bring along pictures or even videos from Youtube channels feeds.