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BBB Spam

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BBB Spam Rickr1 2/16/12 6:49 AM
Recently I have been flooded with spam from BBB. Is there a way to stop this?
Re: BBB Spam FrankM Forums-TC 2/16/12 8:35 AM
Since most spammers use spoofed IP's for the domain being used, turn on SPF filtering either on your mail server or use Postini's SPF filtering. 
Re: BBB Spam lpa-support 2/27/12 7:34 AM
Having the same problem with the BBB spam as well with IRS. I have just enabled SPF with the defaults of Rejecting the SPF fail and Quarantine the SPF SoftFail, however if I set the SPF Softfail to Reject what is the likely hood I will be rejecting legitimate emails? Would it be better to create a Content Manager Rule?

The problem I have is when these BBB and IRS messages show up in quarantine users (even after being educated the are fake) still worry they could be legit, so I would like to keep them from even being quarantined.
Re: BBB Spam FrankM Forums-TC 2/27/12 7:59 AM
Under the RPF feature, you can add domain specific SPF rules.