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Postini Toolbar for Outlook

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Postini Toolbar for Outlook JDHolston 3/25/10 8:34 AM
Is there a Postini Toolbar for Outlook that will run on Vista or Windows7?  The only one i could find is for XP...
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook HuntnPeck 3/30/10 10:21 AM
Where did you find the one for XP?
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook JDHolston 3/30/10 10:36 AM
at this link
if you click on the Download button at the bottom of the screen it will take you to the download page.  The system requirements say you need Windows XP SP2 - i assumed that meant WXP or higher, but it wouldn't install on my Vista machine...
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook HuntnPeck 3/30/10 12:47 PM
Thanks much!  
BTW:  is there a tool bar that allows users to add approved senders and blocked senders to their respective lists?
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook JDHolston 3/30/10 12:49 PM
not that i am aware of...I am just looking for something that my users can click on to access their Postini message center instead of having to open a browser etc, etc...
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook FrankM Forums-TC 3/30/10 1:23 PM
That tool bar is for searching the user personal archive for Message Discovery. For Outlook users, they can setup the following.
This will help Outlook 2007 users that want to monitor their quarantine during the day. The following will show you how to check your Postini Quarantine while still in Outlook 2007, with no need to go to Postini’s site and log in.
The following is for Outlook 2007, it is assumed most users have upgraded. For those still using Outlook 2003 may have a similar setup.
1) Open MS Outlook
2) Right-click on Inbox and select New Folder
3) Call the folder “Spam” or Postini-Spam (or whatever you chose to name it).
4) Right click the “Spam” folder and select “Properties”.
5) Select the “Home Page” tab in the Properties window.
6) In the address window type the following URL and select the check box labeled “Show home page by default for this folder”:
7) Click “Apply” and “OK”.
8) Click on the Spam folder, log in to your Message Center and optionally, select “Remember my Address and Password”
9) Close Outlook
The next time Outlook is opened and the Spam folder is selected, the Message Center should appear within the new Outlook folder that was created. This should make checking your Postini spam quarantine a bit easier.
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook JDHolston 3/30/10 1:55 PM
that works great!!  it never occurred to me to do that.  Now, comes the tough part - what is the best way to roll this out to all of our users?  Should i create a new default folder in the EMC or through group policy??
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook HuntnPeck 3/30/10 3:25 PM
That did work great!  Thanks!

JDHolston - good follow up question!  I'm interested in that as well!
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Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook JEmlay 9/29/11 4:44 PM
Just FYI, The "Popular answer" does not store the supplied password in Outlook 2010.  Tried on a few machines.  It asks for the password every time.

It doesn't remember the email address either and my work email is LONG.

Fixed it.  For some reason OL is not creating cookies (?).  So just open IE and save password then OL will follow suit as OL is clearly using the local IE.
Re: Postini Toolbar for Outlook Vadim Solovey-DoIT 10/20/11 5:34 PM
Will we ever get Microsoft Outlook 2010 version of the toolbar?

Vadim Solovey