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login to all users at once

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login to all users at once dhellman 3/2/12 1:55 PM
Although I've been waiting to fully setup Postini until out billing situation is straightened out, I've been asked a question, "Is it possible to have a master password that would allow us to check the history of all users going outbound and inbound at the same time?"

We don't want to rely on having a list of passwords if a customer has a question about something sent by someone who is out of the office. We've found that when we log into that person's account in Google, it temporarily kicks the person using a smartphone off the account. We'd like to know if it is possible in postini. 
Re: login to all users at once FrankM Forums-TC 3/2/12 7:12 PM
No master password is available. However, you can give specific admin permissions to individuals, to review the log files. Are you an authorized reseller for Google Apps?