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IS Postini ITAR Compliant?

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IS Postini ITAR Compliant? Attleboro Dave 4/29/12 11:01 AM
Is Postini services ITAR compliant?

We have ITAR requirements for our inbound/outbound email communication and would like to utilize Postini as the email spam filtering. 

Re: IS Postini ITAR Compliant? FrankM Forums-TC 4/29/12 1:14 PM
It's not the service/product that is compliant, it's how it is used. Postini used in conjunction with Message Discovery (archiving and e-discovery) and Message Encryption, may take care of your email transmissions to and from your designated mail server. Which I'll assume, must also be protected and in compliance with ITAR. 
Re: IS Postini ITAR Compliant? Attleboro Dave 5/7/12 5:18 AM
I guess my question wasn't clear...When Postini scan and filter inbound emails, does it store the email messages temporary on the Postini server before it reach the designated email server?    ITAR requires that email contents can only be received by the intended recipient and not be stored/viewed by 3rd party.

Re: IS Postini ITAR Compliant? FrankM Forums-TC 5/7/12 6:01 AM
Postini uses a patented pass-through scanning technology that does not write the message to disc, i.e. store and forward like other services. In addition to your question, unless the message is encrypted, I don't believe you can meet that requirement. Moreover, Postini is also policy based and can create restrictions on to whom the messages are sent to. Using Postini with its integrated encryption module, I would assume could help you meet your requirements. Nonetheless, it's not the product being ITAR compliant, it's the individual/organization being aware of whom they are sharing information with.