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how to change default e-mail domain?

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how to change default e-mail domain? JustinGSEIWI 3/1/12 10:38 AM
We recently changed our default e-mail domain. We are going to continue to use both e-mail domains forever. However, I would like the new e-mail domain to be the default and the login for Postini. Currently, users can only login with the old e-mail domain. Can this be changed? If yes, how?


Re: how to change default e-mail domain? FrankM Forums-TC 3/1/12 8:33 PM
Yes it can be done, with the use of batch commands. You will want to add the new primary domain and change MX to Postini. The change the current users address to the new domain, then using a spread sheet, use the Modifyuser batch command. The see the batch command admin guide for further information. 

Then alias the old domain to the new primary domain.