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Spam Filters PropInvAdmin 7/19/12 3:41 AM
New to this filtering system and email admin in general.

Our subscription expired a couple of weeks ago and was paused whilst payment until payment was made. It took me a while to get the renewal sorted as the service had originally been setup by our IT support company.

Anyway it's all paid for now and the service has been restarted as my users are getting their quarantined mail again. Except the UCE/SPAM is not being filtered any more and despite setting the junk mail filters to very aggressive and setting the content filters to +4 on everything it's still coming through at levels that are much higher than before the service was put on hold.

Is there something I'm supposed to switch back on? Because I cannot find it!
Re: Spam Filters FrankM Forums-TC 7/19/12 9:40 AM
Is nothing being filtered? Check a user account and see if their spam filtering is turned on. Or go to the users section, click Settings Summary and look at the Spam & Virus columns, make sure all are set to ON. 
Re: Spam Filters PropInvAdmin 7/23/12 2:55 AM
As far as I can tell everyone has filtering switched on.

The director/owner of the company is fuming because everything is coming through to his Blackberry and overloading it!

Even adding charset specific filters has not worked for the Chinese language emails. I am going to raise a case with Google to make sure they have reactivated the account fully because at the moment it just doesn't do anything even though we've paid.
Re: Spam Filters FrankM Forums-TC 7/23/12 10:03 AM
What are your reports showing? 

Re: Spam Filters PropInvAdmin 7/26/12 1:33 AM
This is what I have for the last 24 hours... I know for a fact that I have received at least that much UCE/SPAM myself not to mention what comes into our generic mailbox.

#Downloaded:2012/07/26 08:29:16 #Report:Inbound Spam by Domain - From 07-25-2012 to 07-25-2012 (1 day) #Organization:p*******i********* Account #Sub-orgs:yes #Duration:1d #Rows: 2 #Domain,Spam Messages,Spam Bytes,Bulk Mail,Special Offer,Get Rich Quick,Sexually Explicit,Racially Insensitive,Blatant Spam Blocked,Blocked Sender,Blocked Server i********p********,54,1801822,52,0,0,0,0,2,0,0 p*******i*********,15,331369,13,0,0,0,0,2,0,0 Grand Total,69,2133191,65,0,0,0,0,4,0,0
Re: Spam Filters PropInvAdmin 7/26/12 1:42 AM
NVM...I'm an idiot! I just went to check the content filters again. Whilst I had switched them on for the main domain under which the account is setup none of the other domains had their filtering switched on.

I had assumed that switching filtering on for the account would make it happen automatically for everything under that account! I now see that it only affected that domain.