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Windows 7 Login Problems

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Windows 7 Login Problems dbstamps 5/16/12 8:15 AM

Although I can login in fine on my FireFox/XP sp3 computer, I am absolutely am unable to login on my new Windows 7 Laptop connected to the same network. I have tried repeatedly for a month now and it keeps saying invalid login information or server error.

Re: Windows 7 Login Problems FrankM Forums-TC 5/16/12 9:48 AM
It may be an authentication and security setting with Windows 7. You may need to adjust and or add Postini as an exception. 
Re: Windows 7 Login Problems dbstamps 5/16/12 1:23 PM
That was my thought but I was hoping someone had already figured out where.
I tried shutting down Kaspersky -- no change.
I added it as a trust zone in IE9 -- no effect.
Where oh where is that little security setting...