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Postini user cannot log in

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Postini user cannot log in calli4120 7/24/12 6:20 AM
I have 1 user that is having trouble accessing their account.  They did not know their password so I set up the temporary password for them and they keep getting a "There was a problem processing your request" error when they try to log in.
I have tried resetting their password several times and I have even tried to log into the account personally and I get the same error.  It has been about 24 hours since I first reset the password and I have tried to log in at different parts of the day with the same results.  System administrators can log in just fine so I beleive that this is very isolated to just this user.
I have even tried to delete the account and recreate it and I still can not get in.
Here is the information I am getting on the error screen.
Request ID:0C7942B0-D58D-11E1-A703-15A8262BD51C
Any help you can give is great appriciated.
Adam McAlister
COKeM International
Re: Postini user cannot log in FrankM Forums-TC 7/24/12 8:54 AM
Make sure the user account has access to the Message Center, i.e. enabled. FYI, when you delete a user using the GUI, the users info may still be in the system when you recreate the account, especially when there is any quarantined messages. To immediately purge the account, using the batch command - deleteuser, which will purge the data. First check, that their user access under their account is enabled, Msg Ctr Access: Enabled.  
Re: Postini user cannot log in calli4120 7/25/12 6:24 AM
Thanks for responding.  I did check and Msg Ctr Access is enabled so I continued on to the batch file.  I verified that there were no messages in the users inbox before I ran the batch file.  When I ran the batch file I did receive confirmation that is excuted successfully and the user was removed from the list.  When I added the user back in the password was still the one I had set yesterday.  When I tried to log in, I received the same error I got yesterday.
When running the batch file, is there a period of time I need to wait for my changes to replicate or take affect?  Shouldnt the purge have also deleted the password I had yesterday?
Re: Postini user cannot log in FrankM Forums-TC 7/25/12 7:25 AM
Yes, the account should have purged. Did you try resetting the password again? 
Re: Postini user cannot log in calli4120 7/27/12 4:58 AM
Good morning and again thank you for your response.
I did try and change the password for the account and that still produced the same error.  I have run the batch command again and I am going to give it a little time before I recreate the account.  I will update either way if I am successful or not.