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my YouTube account

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my YouTube account crazy vegan lady 4/2/12 3:28 PM
I want to get started with my YouTube account also have my own channel on YouTube when I started this I got connected to someone else's you to account which is Sandy 105 I want to take down all of my photographs and anything connected with this account I do not know how to do that I want to bring together a food business on YouTube and I want to connect all of Facebook twitter and although the accounts together so we you please e-mail me back Saundra crazy lady I don't know if you ever call anyone or not but my phone number 713-266-5584
Re: my YouTube account KYB 4/23/12 5:12 AM
Hi, I would contact someone in Support at YouTube. I also recommend removing your phone number from public view like this. Most online business is handled via email, and you just never know who might grab your phone number. Good luck!