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Postini Reinjection

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Postini Reinjection Cecilmn454 5/3/12 1:23 PM
I have a Ipswitch Imail server for email (no Exchange of any sort). I need to know how to create or configure the Reinjection?  What information do I need from the Imail server? What info do I need to enter into the Sonicwall/firewall?  Finally how do I setup the Smarthost for Imail trhough postini?
I can only find total instructions for Exchange, is there a document or pdf for other hosted emails that I can follow or walks me through the configuration?
Any help will be appreciated? I can also be email at
Re: Postini Reinjection FrankM Forums-TC 5/4/12 7:32 AM
You will need to check your Ipswitch docs for the version you are running. Remember, Postini only uses port 25.