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Can't find Web Albums

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Can't find Web Albums Props 4/29/12 4:45 PM
Just signed up for Google + and now I can't find all of my previous Web Albums.....HELP

Re: Can't find Web Albums earlboss 4/29/12 4:56 PM
For some reason, Google thinks you suddenly don't want to use PWA but only Google+, so that is the only choice they give you in Picasa.
Go to PWA directly here:
Be advised that if you changed user name or PW you will have to Sign out then sign in with the correct account info for PWA.
Re: Can't find Web Albums Props 4/30/12 7:48 AM

Tried that and still no Web Albums....must be missing something.
Re: Can't find Web Albums earlboss 4/30/12 9:19 AM
Hi Props:
It is possible that the below routine may help. I am not implying below that you don't know how to sign in or out of anything, it is just a protocol to get everything in Sync.  Make sure you are using the account name and password for the account that had the Web Albums. After you do it once, everything should work.
Google and especially Chrome likes to keep you signed in to your Google account.
Also Google web stuff sets up Cookies on your browser, so if either of these get messed up you can be signed in to the wrong account or not signed in at all but look like you are.
You should try getting everything in sync, the following may help:
- Start Picasa and look up in the upper right. you should see either a blue "Sign out", or "Sign in with Google account". If it is sign out, click it, then in either case click "Sign in..."
- Sign in with your Google account name and password, and verify that the account name is correct to the left of sign out.
- Click the link just to the right of your google account name or email address. (to the left of Sign out). It should be either Web albums, or Google+ Photos.
- At the upper right, just below the Black bar there should be your name and a icon representing you, or a Sign in Box.
- If your name is there click it, then click Sign out.
- Then Sign in again using your Google account user name and password.
You should now see all your Photos. in Google+ or PWA.
If you are signed up for Google+ Picasa always sends you there instead of Picasa Web Albums so if you want to work with PWA directly you need to use a link/shortcut. Make sure you do the sign out-sign in routing here the first time too.
Let us know if this allows you to see your pictures again!
You may also need to sign in again with GMail. You can do that here: If it has the wrong address, sign out and back in.