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Picasa for Windows 8

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Picasa for Windows 8 ronipatel4u 3/20/12 10:22 PM
Picasa was working fine with prints coming almost immediately once I click the print tab on windows 7. However, in windows 8 consumer preview, it taking about 5 minutes for picasa to send the data to printer for printing. Does anyone have a solution for that?
Re: Picasa for Windows 8 SanFranMan 3/21/12 2:09 PM
Picasa is not listed as being compatible with the unreleasedĀ  Windows 8. The "consumer preview" is not the final product.

You can hardly expect a product like Picasa to work perfectly with Windows 8 , when that OS will not be officially released until October this year. At this early stage I doubt that Google is putting much , if any effort, into having Picasa ready for Windows 8.

Looking back , it was over six months after the official release of Windows 7 that Picasa listed it as compatible with that OS. I doubt that the new OS will be any different.

Just save any edits you do within Picasa and then open them in another photo editing program ( which also may or may not work correctly with your Windows 8 "preview" OS) and try printing them from there .

Re: Picasa for Windows 8 dtmarch 11/8/12 10:00 AM
ow that Windows 8 has been officially released, how does Picasa work with Windows
Re: Picasa for Windows 8 janvb 11/8/12 10:38 AM