Public persona does not match (error 404)

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Public persona does not match (error 404) jocki 2/19/12 2:36 AM
as of recently, I'm getting an error message "public persona does not match (error 404)" after I sign into my Picasa account using either Mac Uploader or iPhoto Export. As soon as the upload is supposed to start, the message window pops up.

Unfortunately, this means that there is now no way for me to export photos and their location information and titles to my Picasa web album. If it remains this way, I will have to stop using Picasa and find an alternative web album.

Any help on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Public persona does not match (error 404) kali_71 2/22/12 4:34 AM
I have the same problem. When access the RSS I get de same message " Public persona does not match."
I was trying to put a slideshow in my blog (Blogger), but can't access my fotos, keep give this error.

Re: Public persona does not match (error 404) zyere 2/27/12 11:59 AM
I had this problem. if you look at the rss feeds if you are using the number Google generates rather than your username you will get this error. 

will work

where as 
will not.