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Picsa won't accept my videos

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Picsa won't accept my videos the day's eye 8/21/12 6:31 PM

I'm now using Picasa 3 with Windows 7 and can no longer upload videos.  When I try to import them it doesn't work.  Unfortunately, I clicked on 'delete from camera' and now there is a motion picture on my camera which I can neither play nor delete!  It happened with another camera I had and then returned because I thought the fault lay with the camera.  Also, now each of the sd cards are no longer usable because I can't get the camera to delete them or replay them!  Picasa was the only thing that worked well on my old computer and doesn't work on this one.  What's going on? HELP!!!
Re: Picsa won't accept my videos hobbitt 8/21/12 8:39 PM
First, an obvious thing to check, sorry: SD cards have a "read/write" switch on them, usually a really tiny slider on one side.  Make sure it's in the "write" or "unlocked" position.

Second, what happens when you try to import the videos?  Do they not show up on the Import screen?  Do they import but then you can't find them in Picasa?  Or they're in Picasa but don't play at all?  Or play, but poorly?

You say you're "now using Picasa 3 with Windows 7".  Where you on a different PC or version of Windows before?  If so, you may not have the correct software installed for Picasa to be able to play the video. Insert one of the memory cards in your PC's card reader and view its contents using Windows Explorer. Can you play one of the videos there?  (Right-mouse a video file, select Open With, then select Windows Media Player.)
Re: Picsa won't accept my videos the day's eye 9/29/12 7:53 PM
Thank you for your time.  I've just given up and am using the Panasonic software that came with the camera.  Yes the old version of Picasa worked well on windows xp....then my computer crashed and I got a new one that came w windows7.  The old picasa had a ton of fonts, too, not just a few look-a-likes as this one does.