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Picasa Windows data transfered to Android tablet?

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Picasa Windows data transfered to Android tablet? richardinboulder 5/31/12 7:47 AM

I have organized my 20GB of photos on my Windows 7 machine using Picasa,  I'm considering buying an Android tablet (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1") so that my family can view our photos easily.

Question: If I just copy all my Windows photo files, including the directory structure and picasa.ini files etc., to an SD memory card and insert that card into the Android tablet, will the Picasa for Android App be able to read all the face tagging, photo tags, and other metatadata associated with the photos?

I'd rather not have to upload all my family photos to the web, because of privacy reasons, the size of my collection, and the thought that the Android tablet would access photos on the SD card much faster than it would over WiFi.

Thanks very much!