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Can't access album

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Can't access album James0505 5/5/12 4:10 AM
A friend has emailed me a link sharing a picasa album but when I click on it says 'Sorry, that page was not found.' I can access my albums ok

I'm using Vista and Firefox (though IE also gives the same result). Apologies if this is an elementary q!

Re: Can't access album mike smith. 5/5/12 1:51 PM

Can you ask you friend to check their Google profile...if they have a suspended Google profile their web album links may not work anymore

Also ask them for a new share invite in case they changed anything to that web album after their first share the title or the visibility of that web album
Re: Can't access album James0505 5/6/12 12:39 AM
Hi Mike,


In fact with some more googling I came to pretty much the same conclusion. Below was the conversation I found. I a bit surprised the whole thing isn't simpler - it must happen a lot.

Thanks again for replying!


Here is how to get it working. I realize the solution isn't acceptable security-wise, but it works (for me).

Go into the album you're trying to share.


Scroll down to "VISIBILITY" and change the setting to "LIMITED, EVERYONE WITH THE LINK"

Save changes and the email link to the album should work now

I was having this problem, I reset "VISIBILITY" and changed the setting to "LIMITED, EVERYONE WITH THE LINK" per Phil's instructions above. (doh, thanks Phil)  It was still not working until I generated a new link. The new link works fine

Phil Barnhart's suggestion -- to 
change the the "Visibility" setting  -- does work, but you have to do as BobbleNoggin suggested, which is generate a new link after you change the "Visibility" setting.  If you use the old link it still won't work.