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Deleating Images from Google Search

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Deleating Images from Google Search Jodub1 8/12/12 10:25 AM
Could someone please assist me i am so frustrated a friend of mine had posted my birthday pictures on Picasa and did not realize the images were public on the web. I asked him to delete the album he deleted the album but now Picassa has kept some of the images (19) and they are still showing up when you search on Google and click images. I have tried to use the images removal tool they have but they have not deleted these sites that are hosting these images. There is no way of contacting anyone on google or Picasa its very frustrating. Could someone please help me as i am traumatized by this and i dont know how to go about it.
I appreciate your assistance in advance.  
Re: Deleating Images from Google Search webado 8/12/12 10:27 AM
The image files must be deleted from the server so their urls respond with 404 (test with

It will have to be done by the owner of the image account.

Once that's done removal is straight forward (see more info on ).
Re: Deleating Images from Google Search mike smith. 8/12/12 12:27 PM

The steps are just like webado suggested

I'll try and add a little more

The first step is a must...the images need to either deleted.... or removed from a Public web album to a non Public web album, by the owner of that web album...if this is not done, then your only option is to use the report abuse button in that web album, even then no guaranteed  this request will work

If you are sure the photos have been deleted or removed form the public domain, you can either wait a few days for the Google search engines to re-index their results or use the web masters removal request form in webabo's reply