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Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size

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Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size teamtalbert 5/2/12 12:21 PM
I upload to picasa web albums both by using an iPhone app & my PC.  In both cases, I upload at "Original size" but when viewing an album on my iPhone or when I print it, the images are grainy and pixelated. 
For example, the original size may be 3.5 MB but in both the app & web albums on the PC, the properties show a resolution of 850 KB.  This holds true regardless of whether the images were taken with my iPhone, my digital camera or from a disc of professionally taken pictures.  This is not a result of my editing or cropping images either.
Picasa seems to be reducing the resolution regardless of whether or not  I upload in original size.
I primarily use the iPhone app as a means of getting my photos from my phone to my PC so I can upload & print with Costco but every time I've done this the quality is horrible.  I've tried using shutterfly as well and its the same bad qualtiy.
How can I remedy this?
I've started using Flickr as a method of work around but hate to migrate years worth of albums over unless I absolutely have to.
Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size mike smith. 5/2/12 1:40 PM
This is so hard to figure out ...yes there is a file size reduction in MB due to compression when uploading to a picasaweb album (for G+ users) for no G+ users there are options that allow uploading preserving original quality in the picasa 3 application 

But if your prints from a print provider are a horrible quality, this is usually down to the pixel size of the image, rule of thumb is 300 pixel per inch example this image is 1600 pixels on the long side (and about 100kb) but should print just fine as a 6x4 ..if I printed a larger photo then yes quality of print would be reduced 

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size Phil KL 5/2/12 4:36 PM
I was looking at another thread on download quality and in every case there is one crucial piece of info missing.

What is the size of the photo that is stored in Picasaweb?  Even though we asked for that info, the answer is just not coming back.  Not a single person came back to say it's #### x #### pixels and #### bytes that is in Picasaweb.

Why is it crucial to know?   If you upload a small picture you just can't get a big one back.  Logical, isn't it?

Yes, I do realize that everyone said they uploaded "Original size".  But what size "actually" got uploaded?  What is "Original?  800 x 600?  3000 x 2000?   Did Picasa downsized the photo during upload?

Hope I am making sense.  It's hard to figure out what might be going wrong without that additional info that can be found in the right sidebar when viewing an individual photo.

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 5/5/12 12:18 AM
Phil KL
   Am a Google+ person but started using Picasaweb which was ok for awhile and then maybe 3 weeks ago, the pics on my small albums I'm testing here and on friends' Picasaweb albums (which used to be sharp enough) were all blurry or fuzzy.  Detail was really lost.  They upload large images about 3600 pixels on longer side.

   No matter what pixel sizes I uploaded (for awhile, 1280 x ____  or 1024 x _____) Picasaweb would display them (and show them in right-click "view info") as something like 513 x380.  I have a high-res 24" display monitor set at 1900+ pixels across.  Anyway, I'd get these small images that were blurry but WORSE, they sometimes -stretched- my images and that was of course even more blurred.  I decided not to even try anymore.
   Friends' photos showed significant degradation.  I did tell them I thought that it was because the google+ people may be trying to merge the two systems in some way and are having problems.

   Google+ album photo displays were not much better.  Both were not like what I'm used to -- seeing photos in original, uploaded pixel sizes with no compression used.  No way could I get an Original displayed on picasaweb.   Several friends quit due to the many problems.

   Then today, I was looking at google+ photo albums again and NOW, the people coding that are doing a terrific job, from what I saw today.
The album thumbnail arrangements look great and load fast with all the size-fitting they do, but the amazing thing is that the individual image pages (with ugly glaring white info box at right) had adjusting display sizes if you resized your web browser frame,  that, no matter, how large or small they were displayed are displaying beautifully.  The pics look naturally sharp no matter what size google-plus-photos is using at the time.

   Friends who looked said the same thing.  Very sharp and clear.  The picasaweb versions of these same albums are not AS fuzzy as they were but are still inferior in detail and sharpness to google+ versions of the albums.  I wouldn't use picasaweb albums for display, but google+ is another story.

    Whatever is happening, the google+ coders' work is looking really good.   I wish we could edit more in Google+ mode than we can and not have to go back to picasaweb to do certain things.

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size RAJABATAK 5/5/12 1:50 AM
terima kasih
Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size mike smith. 5/5/12 1:24 PM
Hi Andrys

If you are looking at sharing a direct URL to one of your web album photos using a right click > vieew image you may have to get creative with the direct image URL

Example this picasa web image please note it's been uploaded to 4089 pixels on the long side

A right click > view image URL gives 720 pixels

Click the full screen button ..right click > view image ...please note it's 1024 pixels

So as you can see in the two URLs there is a 's' number (display size) parameter if you change that number to 0 (zero) then the image will display full size, then copy and paste that URL  then share via email or link elsewhere this should help reduce blurry images

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 5/5/12 6:53 PM
  I was writing about a person viewing albums rather than a single image (but I liked your tip on referring people to a single, uncompressed image).

   What I was trying to say (maybe not at all successfully with my post) is that GooglePlus displays have SOLVED the clarity situation because they allow the viewer to see different sizes depending on the viewer's monitor display setting and the web-browser size chosen in a way that does not produce the kind of blurry images that using the picasaweb-album-software does.  Picasaweb blurs EVERYthing now for the person viewing if it's not the original size.  But GooglePlus is doing something with an algorithm that makes ANY size produced by its software really clear!

   So I am hoping not to have anyone go to picasaweb to view its presentation of albums eventually.  Unfortunately, today I found that the default 'web' browser for my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone makes people go from googleplus album view to the picasaweb view of albums and does a sort of mobile view. 
  DOLPHIN web browser.however, allows us to stay in Google Plus's web album viewing.

  But the downside of Dolphin web browser: It actually produces an entire mobile-page view of thumbnails going down, accompanying the single-image view-- and of course that takes awhile to load.  That was startling.

   So someday I guess a google-plus android and ios app that doesn't confine us to simplest mobile-viewing will take care of that.
  I use my tablets and smartphone in desktop mode for all photo viewing sites but unfortunately it doesn't work well for google-plus's photo albums yet -- but I love the google-plus photo albums as seen now on a normal computer (and probably on a good tablet but I've not tried it yet).  Whoever did the google-plus album image-presentation algorithms is amazing.

   So, good work to google-plus team on its own web-album presentations.   And I'm hoping that all editing methods will show up in google-plus so I never need to go work in picasaweb mode.

Thanks again for that great tip on the '/s0' replacement in the single-image URL when needed.  Excellent single-image workaround.  I just wish I could specify 1024 or 1280 without seeing picasaweb's awful compression results.   But now we have google-plus's increasingly excellent display improvements.

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 6/18/12 2:49 AM
Update.referencing my post of May 5 mentioning how GooglePlus kept the images clear, although Picasaweb doens't.

  As of June 17, the GooglePlus image displays for album photos  are now just as blurred as the picasaweb album ones.   I guess Google decided load times were being hurt? 
Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 6/21/12 5:48 PM
Mike, I used your trick again to see the difference between what Picasaweb shows and the original because the fuzziness and blurring is worse now.   But I appreciate knowing how to see the actual size.

  GooglePlus has followed Picasaweb programmer methods and their photo displays now are all blurry also (it seems to be a bit like Flickr's recent experiment with 'liquid' something with automated down- or up-sizing which had photographers up in arms.  Flickr has gone to showing static sized images for those 1024 pixels longside or smaller and now they show sharp again and photographers are grateful they were heard..

  Unfortunately both Picasaweb and GooglePlus albums show blurry pics now.  When I checked (and I use a large monitor), Picasaweb is showing 640 longside or 499 vertical side as a rule and then EXPANDING it so the blurring is pretty awful.  I'd rather they just give us the option to show the small sharp images we upload than enlarge them so that viewers see 'details' that are fuzzy.   I realize it may be a matter of load time mainly and $expenses.

  Can anyone say Why Picasa/Google are doing this ?  A lot of photographers joined GooglePlus recently, but if this keeps up, it won't work.  Maybe that's a group googleplus and picasaweb was just not targeting and don't care about ?

Thanks for any info.
Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size mike smith. 6/21/12 10:21 PM
Hi andrys

I think I'm not see what you are seeing ...example this photo on my 22 inch monitor it fills only a small part of the G+ lightbox and is pretty sharp

I can see the image is only 600 pixels and that is tiny and sharp when trying to view on a large monitor do have your monitor set to it's correct resolution (it's not setup to a smaller (zoomed in) resolution) to check your screen resolution you could try this link mine is set to 1680x1050

PS as you probably already know if you were going to print a small image (of 600 pixels) you would probably print it no larger than a 3x2  (that's @ a DPI of 200) so yes small images blown up on a large screen will look terrible

A quick test to try you end is when you are in G+ hold down your ctrl Key and press 0 (zero) to reset the G+ page to it's default viewing size to see if that changes anything
Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 6/22/12 2:35 AM
Mike, thanks very much for the fast response.

  You can't see what I mean, though, unless you are able to see an original 1024x or 800x (my normal picture size uploaded) and its own normal resolution, because the image you're showing me is far softer due to an unusually small photo I uploaded as a test of sepia-style (600 pixels wide only) was then expanded for your googleplus postings page.

  I'm talking about album viewing in google plus which we show visitors.

  My monitor is set to 1920 x 1080.

An Example from my recent Yosemite album photos at 1024 pixels wide usually:

Your  Photo Detail shows: 1024 x 686

VIEW INFO shows that you're using a photo scaled-down automatically to 718px × 481px

  - But on your photo page for the album it's then presented MUCH bigger than 718 x 481 on a large monitor, based on the smaller, downsized picture you made and it's therefore blurred. 

THE ORIGINAL of that photo, kept to its 1024 x 686 pixels, as uploaded, is viewable at 

Before mid-June, as I mentioned in other posts on this help page, google-plus was showing images in all kinds of sizes beautifully adjusted so they retained sharpness.  They also tended to use the original size if the monitor space was large enough.
  Picasaweb's webpages were presenting them blurred so I was posting here about how much better google-plus's display modes were.  But now Google's changed that to match Picasaweb displays :-).

  The compression used by picasaweb programmers to make a smaller picture is not bad (if you displayed only that smaller picture at that size, which would be okay by me and should be an option),  but your software is then resizing and expanding these to show the *down-sized* photo larger.   There's a double adjustment there.

  When Flickr was also doing this kind of re-sizing of photos AND, further, in displays (until a few days ago) they 'explained' that they wanted people viewing to see a larger image to see more details, w/mgmt  feeling this was more important than that the photo be sharp.  That's when photographers objected.   Most photogs work at getting a certain kind of sharpness, so seeing them blurred relative to what we did is a real drawback.  Flickr then changed it so that photos would display as-is, if we uploaded at 1024x max at longest side, and now people are happy again.  And load times are relatively okay because this non-downsizing is done only for images no larger than 1024 pixels wide.

  Thanks for any help.

Re: Photo resolution issues even when uploading in original size andrys 6/22/12 3:22 AM
  I did a screen capture of two image displays described in my reply to you last night, combined, to see if I could make the problem clearer.


Let me know if the explanation there isn't clear.  It's a non-public gallery and image but anyone linked to it can see it.