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Recognition for furniture inventory.

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Recognition for furniture inventory. hlsodom 3/23/12 11:12 AM
I am taking a photo inventory that includes lots of look-alike items in an office building.  How can I use recognition software be able to recognize the same model chair from one one photo to the other?  Once the photos are completed, I should be able to group all photos of that chair image and total up and reference each image type as a name. Any recommendations?
Re: Recognition for furniture inventory. coldwaterjohn 3/24/12 4:25 AM
Most inventory systems, particularly in the office environment, involve tagging the item with an inventory number and/or bar code.
Provided you include that label in your image, there should be no doubt you are photographing two or more different objects.
I have recently completed taking images of several thousand items in a military museum, whose collection included several near identical items. Luggage-type labels were laid near the item with a reference number in black magic marker, which showed up clearly in the resulting image.
Re: Recognition for furniture inventory. coldwaterjohn 3/24/12 4:26 AM
Using the same reference number on your labelling as your image number, might be a good start...