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having trouble with videos

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having trouble with videos mamasita4 8/22/12 9:18 AM
I'm trying to import pictures and videos from my cell phone to my computer via picasa. I can download the pictures just fine in the import section of picasa but it never shows me the videos on my phone. I manually went into the file on my phone for videos and copied them to the folder on my computer (they are saved as a 3pg file) but picasa still doesn't see them even though they're in the folder on my computer. I went to manage folder on picasa and made sure that under "my pictures" the icon for scan always was checked but that didn't help. I even went back and saved one of the files as a AVI but that doesn't work either. I also restarted my computer to see if that would help, but no luck there :( HELP!!!
Re: having trouble with videos Byteguy 8/22/12 9:30 AM
Picasa won't show videos by default.

Go to Tools -> Options -> File Types.  Click on Movies and Quicktime.

If that doesn't work, go through the Video Troubleshooter:

Not copying videos is often a problem.  It's because there isn't a standard for video storage on phones/cameras like there is for still-picture storage.

You probably just have to keep copying/importing them yourself like you did.  There's nothing magical about Import; I never use it.
Re: having trouble with videos mamasita4 8/22/12 9:52 AM
I have tons of videos on my computer, mainly wma, wmv, AVI, MPG and they all show up and work just fine. The problem I'm having is with the videos on my cell phone, that are saved as 3gp. I was able to copy them all to the computer and they play back fine, but I would like them sorted in picasa with all the rest of my pics/vids. I realized I didn't have quicktime downloaded, so I did that, restarted the computer but still nothing. When I go to Tools-> Options -> File Types I can select quicktime, but no where does it say that it supports 3gp.......
Re: having trouble with videos Byteguy 8/22/12 10:19 AM
Work through the video troubleshooter.

The first step leads you to a list that says 3GP is supported:

And that leads you to a list of exactly what you need for each type: